“A CULT COVERED MY BODY, BUT NOW I AM EMBODIED” with Amanda Rose — Healing from Purity Culture & Modesty Indoctrination — Feminine Embodiment — Spirituality — Sexuality — Personal Development —

Many of us have experienced the damaging effects of religious indoctrination, and hearing the stories of others help us feel less alone and heal just a little bit more. In this episode, Amanda Rose shares how a cult forced her into intense modesty and purity culture as a child, how this has effected her sexuality as a woman, and how she is healing. May this sweet soul be a mirror revealing that you too have the power to love your body, feel safe in your sexuality, and feel whole, regardless how  traumatic, sheltered, or confining the past may have been.

Amanda spent her childhood on a family farm in Florida, where she was raised by a very loving and dysfunctional family. Think… “The Yearling” meets “The Waltons” meets “Cheaper By The Dozen” meets “Duck Dynasty”…and you’ve basically got it! When she was 12 years old, her family moved to Central America. That’s where this hillbilly of a gal was plunged deep into a cult and was subjected to rigorous religious brainwashing. Psychological, spiritual, physical, and emotional abuse…she knows it all too well. Amanda sunk into a dark well of patriarchal purity culture and oppressive submission dogma to put it mildly. 

Her adolescent experiences in Central America and in the religious cult spun the narrative that women were not to be trusted, especially with men or in relationships. A woman’s body was dangerous at best and property at worst, and sex was just to meet a mans “needs.”  Her journey out of that cult and through her healing path has been wild and crazy, but it’s led her to where she is now.  Today Amanda works with women who are ready for the initiation into their feminine radiance, and sovereign, embodied self leadership in the three arenas of: 

– sexuality and embodied sensuality 

– healing from trauma on a somatic and quantum level 

– rewilding your soul and reconnecting you to your wombspace




This episode covers topics like:

  • saving sex until AFTER marriage (even after the wedding night)
  • going from modesty culture being covered from head to toe to loving her body fully 
  • what’s it like to be indoctrinated into a cult in your teenage years
  • “safe sex” is more than just about physical protection, but emotional connection 
  • spiritual abuse and oppression over women 
  • the harmfulness of purity culture and conservative Christianity
  • how purity culture and submission teachings/dogma affects your marriages, honeymoons, and sex 
  • what is sexual embodiment? 
  • how can sexual embodiment help women heal that are coming out of purity culture? 
  • the common thread between orgasm and worship

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