It Actually Pays to Be Brave with Angie Lee — Female Entrepreneur — Law of Attraction — Supportive Relationships — Social Media Marketing and Sales

Meet Angie Lee, the serial entrepreneur behind the world famous podcast, The Angie Lee Show! She’s the self-made millionaire that’s paving the way for other women to follow in her footsteps by revolutionizing teaching marketing and sales online.

She was one 100k in debt when she decided to just GO FOR IT and be BRAVE. Now, Angie is a genius affiliate marketer (aka she makes money from online referral sales), wellness influencer, 7 figure digital and physical product creator, top 100 ranked podcaster, speaker, and 7-figure marketing guru, helping other women make money sharing the things they love too! What began as a “silly idea” in her dorm room 9 years ago, turned into a wellness brand that helps thousands of women…and now a podcast with over 7 million downloads! I’ve looked up to her for so long and…I almost pooped myself during this interview!

Angie Lee Show Enlightened the Podcast

In this episode of Enlightened the Podcast, you will hear me (Sophia Spallino) and Angie Lee discuss these topics:

  • Why do I deeply connect with Angie’s message?
    • Since listening to the Angie Lee Show, my life has been forever changed. I do brave things. I am a full time influencer, podcaster, and entrepreneur in product development!
  • Why do women feel empowered listening to Angie teach?
    • Angie is speaking to YOU. You were made for doing whatever you love.
  • Is the entrepreneur path lonely?
    • It can be, but not with the community Angie has created.
  • What is the Baby Grandma squad?
    • I love that Angie created a safe space and trendy word to call my old soul. Baby grandmas enjoy tea over shots of tequila, and goals over partying.
  • What does Angie do that’s different than other influencers?
    • Angie shared the real life of an entrepreneur before it was “cool” to show the raw, behind the scenes stuff.
  • Angie Lee is famous for being a self-made millionaire and business coach, but is that a lot of pressure?
    • Yes, there’s pressure to create content, but gratitude inspires her!
  • Does having a man making you a “better” woman in business and life?
    • We dare to say, “Yes…the right man does!” Can a strong independent female say that out loud? Oooops. Just did!
  • Angie inspires women around the world to be brave and launch their own podcasts and services, but she doesn’t pay for ads. What’s her secret to attracting an audience and keeping them engaged?
    • Create “Learn from me content” vs. “Look at me content”
  • How important is taking care of yourself as an entrepreneur?
    • Investing in self-care to be the best you is your “real job” as an entrepreneur.
    • You can’t serve others from an empty cup. How can you feel your cup?
  • Get your cup filled at Angie’s party in San Diego! LET’S ALL GO TO PAYS TO BE BRAVE!
    • What is the Pays to Be Brave conference?
      • The #1 sales, marketing, and confidence event for female entrepreneurs
      • Learn from incredible women you vibe with and “fill your cup!”
      • Grow your business and your money mindset
      • Hear from Angie Lee and other inspiring speakers
    • When and where?
      • Oct 4-6th, 2019
      • San Diego, California
      • Get Tickets HERE:
        • Come learn from Angie Lee and other amazing boss babes, and have a dance party with me and “Ohh My Annie” aka Annie Bardonski!
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