ASSUME THE BEST — Guided Affirmations to Raise Your Vibration with Harp Music by Sophia Spallino — Calming Meditation — Assuming the Best in Others — Assuming Control of Your Thought Patterns — Personal Development —

Caring about what others think really isn’t my business. It isn’t yours either. 

Story time: The other day, someone said something extremely rude and hurtful to me. And for about two hours, I wasted time being a little salty about it. I later forgave that person for not being how I wanted them to be, and forgave myself for allowing their words to effect me so much when it wasn’t necessary. Going on and on in my head wondering how someone could be so cruel or why might they dislike me so much had me spiraling…

But that’s what has inspired this guided affirmation about assumptions. So you know what, I am grateful for the experience. It taught me something. Don’t waste time being bitter. Position yourself to stay in a better mindset next time. 

Instead of being offended when someone hurts you…If at all possible, try some self-reflection and immediately forgive. That person must be pretty sad inside to do something intentionally rude or hurtful. Assume they are hurting. Only hurting people choose to hurt people. Assume they just need more fullness in their life. Pray for them.

Assuming the negative can get us into trouble, because unless you’re a master of your mind…you most likely will assume the worst. But deciding ahead of time that you shouldn’t take anything personally will help you respond better in the future. Decide ahead of time to ASSUME THE BEST.

When should you assume? When you assume the BEST. I am sure you are aware of the first definition of assume: “to suppose to the be the case, without proof.” But the second definition gives you power: “take or begin to have, the power or responsibility.” For example, “She assumed responsibility for her own life.” 

Today, let’s assume the best in others, but also assume control of our thought-patterns by putting in the work to do some affirmations now. 

You might think that these next affirmations sound crazy — and they are pretty radical because assuming the best is a simple choice, but it’s not easy to do in the moment. That’s why you should actively, daily position yourself to assume the best — to choose the best mindset regardless of any variable is assuming control of your life. 

Let’s practice assuming the BEST together. I put together some helpful affirmations with my original harp music. So let’s get centered and begin.

Repeat these positive affirmations after me out loud or quietly in your heart:

I assume 

that that good things always happen for me

that everyone loves me

that when I smile at the world it smiles back at me

I assume

that today will be a great day

that whatever I put my hands, mind, and heart to will succeed

that my work is valuable to others

that I am worthy of success

I assume

that I will always accomplish the best possible outcome for my greatest good and the good of others

that God’s timing, the universe, and mine is always perfect

that what is meant for me, is for me and can’t be stolen

I assume 

that I am safe 

that I am carried

that I am secure

I assume 

that I am always coming up with new ideas

that creativity flows from me effortlessly

that love leads in my work

I assume

that my love for my world will inspire interactions that are joyful and peaceful

and that my kindness towards others will inspire kindness towards me

but if not, I position myself for a peaceful, joyful, kind response

I always assume people have the best intentions 

Today I intend to be my highest self 

the self that assumes the best in my world and others

the best me that assumes good

Thank you for “reprogramming your mind” to assume the best with me today! God is for you. You are loved. So live in love, and not fear, and intention, not reaction.

The love of God inside of me honors the love in you. Namaste, My Friends.

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