BREAKING FREE FROM DISORDERED EATING with Emma Lynn — Body Image — COVID 19 Lifestyle — End Binging and Purging Cycles — Intuitive Eating — Body Dysmorphia and Eating Disorders — Thinking Yourself Healthy — The Power of Belief and Weightloss — Workout Addictions — Feeling over Feeding — Self-Improvement —

Hello my enlightened friends! This raw and real show will encourage your heart and leave you feeling in touch with your soul because shame and pain subside when shadowed taboo stories are shared and truth is revealed. I think it all helps us feel less alone, am I right? We all need to remember to never be ashamed of our most hidden truths…because they are a powerful part of us.

My radiant guest, Emma Lynn, is a breakthrough expert, Ayurvedic Practitioner, and Personal trainer, Eating Disorder/Addiction Coach that is going to help you set your body AND mind free from disordered eating!

Emma is a deeply passionate person and an EXTREME empath. Like myself, her passion and purpose here is to educate herself, so that she may teach others how to spend our time here on this planet living ONLY from a place of complete alignment with the person we were designed to be, from our fullest depth to living out our highest potential and being MORE HUMAN. Being more human is being aware of our mental, emotional, and physical health and healing at the deepest level.  When Emma was in high school, she struggled with a pretty dark depression and later in my life with an eating disorder. Now she sees these struggles as her greatest teachers and uses her wisdom to serve others!  

Because Emma was fueled by the terrifying percentage in which a woman’s time on earth and mental capacity is taken up by the notorious distraction of body and diet obsession, she became a Health Coach in 2012. Although she works on specific & personalized health protocols with most of her clients, the vast majority of the work is mental wellness emotional weight loss. She believes that our bodies are a result of our subconscious mind. Her desire is to help free women so that they can FINALLY move on and live their life more FULLY than they’ve ever known. 

Are you ready to get the deets on how you can be set free? Let’s dive in with Emma Lynn! 

I know you are going to love this casual, raw chat all about…

  • The link between mental health and disordered eating
  • The addiction of distraction or numbing
  • Choosing feeling over feeding
  • Believing ”Nothing is good nor bad, but thinking makes it so,” can change your life
  • Food and placebo effects that can work against or for you
  • Feeling fulfilled is the key to ending binging
  • Intuitive eating and trusting yourself
  • Loving yourself means to eat healthy and eat what you crave
  • Using Ayurveda to understand yourself better

It’s time to set yourself FREE, Lovely One! 

The love of God inside of me honors the love in you. Namaste, My Friends.

Connect with Emma Lynn:

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