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Sophia is a joy-filled girl with an inspiring show, Enlightened the Podcast. Bubbling with positivity and an authentic vibe, she quickly becomes your best-Instagram-girlfriend! Her content is intentionally focused on fashion, beauty, fitness, a plant-based lifestyle, and entrepreneurship…all from a spiritual perspective. Her life-giving captions and lively personality is contagious! Sophia inspires women to cultivate a balanced, beautiful life everyday — even in the non-glamorous moments — like she shamelessly shares in her ig stories.

When Sophia mentions she loves something, her followers and podcast subscribers believe it because she only works with brands, people, and places that she gets authentically giddy about. She has a radiant and real energy that captures the attention of her engaged followers. Because of the way she balances sharing her personal life, giving advice, and sharing sponsored posts, Sophia sells through social media with ease, leading as a sister you know, love, and trust.

Sponsored Content Services:

  • Commercial and promotional modeling
  • Affiliate partnership
    • Focused on developing a long-term, mutually beneficial relationship
    • Promo-code distribution
  • Instagram Feed posts
    • Tagged posts with thoughtful captions that sell
    • Multiple shots in a “swipe right” post (or I can provide extra content for your brand to use)
    • Short Instagram Reels videos that get lots of engagement
    • Longer IG TV promotional or review videos
  • Captivating Instagram stories
    • String of stories with a “slide up to your link” call-to-action
  • Engaging giveaways
  • TikTok videos
    • Short videos that increase brand awareness, spread product knowledge, and sell your product/service 
  • Representation at events
    • Location-tagged stories or posts
  • Podcast Commercial 
    • A commercial break organically embedded within my show, Enlightened the Podcast

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