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Hi there, Radiant Soul. My name is Sophia Spallino and I am a personal development influencer, mentor, and host of the top 100 podcast, ENLIGHTENED. My content focuses on sexual, spiritual, and relational self-discovery. Women, typically ages 20 to 45, are inspired by my beauty, fitness, and personal development routines. I engage with my primarily USA-based, female audience by sharing inspiring content through relatable stories, viral reels, scroll-stopping IG posts, humorous TikToks, and authentic conversations on my podcast. Collectively, I have over 280k followers, and that number is always expanding. 

Let me toot my own horn here. Because of the way I balance sharing my personal life, giving advice, and sharing sponsored posts, I sell through social media with ease, leading as a sister you know, love, and trust. When I mention I love something, my followers and podcast subscribers believe it because I only work with brands, people, and places that I get authentically giddy about. People believe me because I believe myself, lead with integrity, listen to my intuition, and only work with brands I am in total alignment with. So if you’re interested in building mutually beneficial, longterm relationship, take a look at my media kit to learn more about my services, engagement rates, past collaborations.

Sponsored Content Services:

  • Commercial and promotional modeling
  • Instagram feed posts
    • Tagged posts with thoughtful captions that sell
    • Multiple shots in a “swipe right” post 
    • Bonus photos for your brand to use on your platform
    • Short Instagram Reel videos that get lots of engagement
    • Longer IG TV promotional or review videos
    • Live videos that can be recycled into longterm IG TV videos
  • Captivating Instagram stories
    • String of stories with a “slide up to your link” call-to-action
    • Story highlights that remain on profile for longterm partnerships
  • Giveaways
    • Drives engagement and curiosity to your profile
    • Increases growth in followers
  • TikTok videos
    • Short videos that increase brand awareness, spread product knowledge, and sell your product/service 
  • Representation at events
    • Pre-event promotion on social platforms
    • Location-tagged stories or posts
  • Podcast commercial
    • A commercial break organically embedded within my show, Enlightened the Podcast
  • Link and/or discount code in social platform bios
    • Link to your url of choice that remains in my LinkTree for longterm partnerships
  • Affiliate partnership
    • Focused on developing a long-term, mutually beneficial relationship
    • Promo-code distribution via social platforms and podcast commercials
    • Affiliate code I can earn a small commission from, as well as give my followers a small discount (typically 10-20% commission / 10-20% off)

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