“COMING OUT” with Nick Norcia — Growing Up Gay in the South — Coming Out Story — Overcoming Judgement —TikTok Tips — Spiritual, but Not Religious — Self-Improvement — Personal Development —

Seeking inspiration in others who have overcome caring what people think? Whether you’re queer or simply feeling judged for being the truest you, allow Nick Norcia to share his story and why he creates TikToks that provide cathartic relief and community.

Nick Norcia is a loving 25 year old with a BIG personality. He is a southern boy from Gerogia living his best life Los Angeles and working in entertainment. Over the past year, he has amassed over 230k followers creating funny content with meaningful messages weaved in. I love how Nick uses humor to tackle tough topics that help us all introspect and process the trauma we have all experienced as a collective this past year, and perhaps since we were children. Nick shamelessly hashtags racism and religion, combining divisive topics into comedic skits everyone can laugh at and learn from. One of my favorite videos is Nick performing as a flamboyant, shirtless Satan with a backdrop of fire as he “calls” God on the phone asking why His followers do bad things…Like how can bad people claim to be Christians or Christ-like? How can racist people claim to be good? How can homophobic people think they love God, but hate others?  Nick Norcia exposes the truth with the graceful tool of comedy. His art is so relatable, and for many who have experienced religious trauma or judgement for being gay, cathartic. 

Today’s show covers topics like:

  • Coming out in the LGBTQIA+ community in the south
  • Following your passions and living an unapologetic life
  • What is coping with religious trauma like?
  • Our coming out stories
  • Dealing with unsupportive family and friends
  • Setting boundaries with unsupportive people in our lives
  • How comedic TikToks are cathartic when it comes to religious trauma
  • Using comedy to tackle tough topics like racism, homophobia, hellfire, and politics
  • TikTok Tips

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