CRYSTAL HEALING & SEXY ENERGY with The Metaphysical Maven, Magdalena McClellan — Improve Your Sex Life with Crystals — Attract Love with Crystals — How Do Crystals Work? — Healing, Manifesting, and Clearing with Crystals — Trusting Your Intuition — Self-Improvement —

Can crystals actually enhance your life…Even your sex life? Allow Magdalena McClellan, the METAPHYSICAL MAVEN, to help us to understand the magical and practical uses of crystals!

Magdalena McClellan has always had an affinity for stones and crystals. For years, she  studied them extensively and took notes of her own experiences through trial and error. There came a point in her life where she could not deny the power of these gorgeous stones and what they were doing. Crystals helped her work through the inevitable ups and downs of life, from little every day stressors to more major, unexpected crises. Naturally, Magdalena is drawn to helping others, so she was compelled to make gemstone jewelry for friends and family because the magic was just too good to keep to all to herself. Eventually, she started gridding people’s homes with larger stones — both of which resulted in rave reviews and some pretty incredible healing results. This all paved the way for the birth of “My Metaphysical Maven,” her online space for intuitive readings, crystal prescriptions, courses, gorgeous jewelry, and retreats that have all been carefully designed to provide clients with clarity and understanding on the deepest soul level.

Today’s show covers topics like:

  • woo woo vs. reality…Do crystals really have power?
  • how to trust your intuition?
  • how do crystals actually metaphysically work?
  • how to work with crystals for beginners? 
  • how can crystals help clear chakras?
  • what crystal aligns with each chakra?
  • how can crystals inspire a better sex life? 
  • what crystals aid in creating a clean slate and clearing energy?
  • what crystal is best for healing heartbreak?
  • what crystal helps manifest love?

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