“Dear Sophia” Showing Skin = Feeling Sexy & Feeling Shame…an Advice Episode

Dear Sophia, I get more “likes” when I show “more skin,” but get shaming messages. What do I do? 

Well, first let me say, I am not God, nor your intuition; but I can share my perspective on embracing your sensuality, creating art, sexualizing the female body, celebrating the female body, and shaming the female body…

So welcome to my first ADVICE Q&A EPISODE!


As women, we are unfairly subjected to judgement for choosing to modify our bodies or abide naturally. As women, we are judged for being both too prude or for being too sexual.

Are you empowered by covering up or showing more skin?

Are you empowered by going natural or glamming up?

I don’t know about you, but I am here for it all. It just depends on my mood and my intuition.

Recently, a follower who was scared of losing her job for being “too sexy” emailed me and asked for advice…so I made a whole podcast episode sharing my perspectives on:

  • embracing all facets of your diamond, even your sensuality 
  • feminine embodiment
  • The judgement of feminine sexuality
  • intentional modesty and being a “role model”
  • balancing being an “good” influence and being a “real” woman
  • handling male gaze and male-inflicted shame
  • choosing what to post or not post on social media
  • allowing God to guide us individually in what’s appropriate
  • balancing a professional and authentic image

My life journey and personal beliefs have led me to develop a unique opinion on these topics, and I hope it lends some perspective to you, whether you agree with my words or not. In the end, only God is our judge and only we know in our hearts if we are honoring God through honoring ourselves. Be blessed and feel loved regardless of whether your story or perspective aligns with mine!

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