EAT PRAY LOVE in REAL LIFE with Eidit Choochage – A Healing Journey to Bali – Signs & Symbols from Loved Ones – Grief Processing – Anxiety & Depression Coping Skills

What happens when all hell seems to break loose and multiple loved ones pass away?

You either die or you grow.

Eidit chose to grow.

She thought about wanting to die when so many people that she loved unexpectedly passed away. But she didn’t really want to die. Eidit just wanted the pain to end. So she chose to heal so she could live fully again. An “EAT PRAY LOVE” journey of healing is often glamorized, but Eidit healed by coming face to face with her messy pain when she dedicated herself to a 12-week grieving journey.

Hello my enlightened friends! Today’s interview is a bit of an “EAT PRAY LOVE” real life story…and I know you will be inspired. If you didn’t already know, I want Enlightened the podcast to be a safe place for progressive, open minded Christian conversations that lead to hope (even if you aren’t religious at all). So if at any time during the show we talk about something that doesn’t resonate with you, take what you can and leave the rest. Love is here. And you are welcome here regardless of your background. Okay, let’s get get on with the show!

Eidit Choochage is a licensed therapist in San Francisco, CA. After thirteen years in the mental health field serving people working through their trauma, Eidit quickly learned what it meant to be on the other side of the couch. In 2014, she witnessed her sister take her last breath at 36 years old due to breast cancer. Shortly after that, she lost her aunt. Eidit battled depression and anxiety afterwards, and sought her own therapy. She ultimately became her own client. In 2018, she committed to a 12 week healing journey. But just 5 weeks in, she received an unexpected call that her father passed away too. Dedicated to her healing journey, Eidit did not turn back. Instead, she booked a flight to Bali determined to accept and process her greatest loss. Now, Eidit is on a mission to serve and inspire other women to start their healing transformation journey through hosting retreats in Bali. Led by her faith in God and guardian angels, Eidit reminds us that when everything feels like the end in your life, it simply just isn’t…In fact, healing creates beautiful new beginnings.

Show Highlights:

  • What happens when the therapist needs therapy?
  • Faith and death…Can you be mad at God?
  • Finding synchronicities and symbols from loved ones that have passed
  • Signs you are battling anxiety/depression and would benefit from professional counsel:
    1. change in appetite (over or under eating)
    2. change in sleep (trouble sleeping or sleeping all the time)
    3. apathy and isolation 
    4. crying spells or numbness
    5. suicidal thoughts
  • Tools to temporarily cope with anxiety
    1. breath work
    2. essential oils
    3. “shaking it off like a zebra”
  • If you are struggling with suicidal thoughts, here is access to an emotional support counselor:


Connect with Eidit!

  • Stay in touch with Eidit on on Instagram: @EiditChoochage
  • Curious about going on your own healing transformation journey and traveling to Bali with Eidit? There are only 3 spots left to go to Bali in her May 2020 retreat! Explore more here:


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