what is Enlightened?

a spiritual podcast accompanied by original harp music that calls you into blissful balance

audible experiences that help you cultivate a safe place in your everyday life for ritualizing self-care and practicing self-love, as well as inspiring spiritual growth.

This show is spirituality-focused, but episodes vary in structure, content, and flow. The most therapeutic episodes are guided meditations and affirmations (original prayerful, powerful, and encouraging words). During these episodes, allow to me wash life-giving words over your mind as your body rests in healing harp music. 

Another form of relaxing shows are episodes focusing on ASMR sounds. If you don’t know what ASMR is, allow me to explain; but let me warn you, it requires an open mind and don’t knock it until you try it with headphones in your ears. ASMR stands for Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response; it’s a physical reaction that triggers a tingly feeling that is in your head or a sensation that runs down your spine.

I can create this response that relaxes your muscles and helps soothe anxiety by creating and recording comforting sounds (like whispering, brushing, tapping, scratching, plucking harp strings, and hand movements). When you listen to these episodes with headphones, you will feel as if I am providing you with up close and personal attention.

My first memory of experiencing ASMR is feeling “tingles” from bedtime rituals as a toddler. When my mother would play with my hair as she whispered fairytales, she would trigger the euphoric feeling that prepared my young self for total relaxation. I aim to recreate that peaceful feeling of closeness and connection for you with my episodes of ASMR (or as I like to call it, ASMHarp). 

Lastly, some shows are more casual, so you can enjoy a raw, conversation-style episode every now and then that centers around personal development and spiritual growth. Most of all, I simply hope to encourage you with whatever personal revelations I am discovering, valleys I am growing out of, or mountains I am climbing. Let’s learn and grow more enlightened together. I want you to know you are not alone. 

is your podcast free?

Creating quality content that will add value to your life and help cultivate a beautiful meditative space demands my time, creativity, resources, and talent.

Although my podcast is “available” to everyone, I cannot consider it “free.” Unfortunately for creators, there is no simple way to create a paid subscription option for my listeners, so I ask that you pledge an extremely small recurring monthly donation.

so how much is it?

(less than a bottle of water)
Because my show is advertisement free, I depend on honest, generous listeners like you to help me produce three to five episodes every month.

why can’t you just earn money from ads in your podcast like everyone else?

I don’t want to interrupt ethereal moments and guided meditations to sell you anything.


i'd rather make a one-time contribution

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