inspiration, encouragement, + honest conversations about sexuality, spirituality, & personal development

Let's explore spirituality beyond religion, sexuality (from the perspective of an age-gap loving, lesbian girl who escaped evangelical purity culture), non-traditional relationship dynamics, dating advice, personal development, & authentic social media growth tips.

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Because shame and pain subside when shadowed stories and secrets are shared, Enlightened the Podcast will encourage you, heart and soul.

Hi there, I’m Sophia Spallino, and I’m honored to share practical, relatable, raw conversations that inspire personal growth. Although I look like a basic white girl that values material things (which I do — I freaking love abundance)…deep inside, I am an old, spiritual soul in my late 20s. In fact, I am only interested in romantic relationships with humans in their 50s. Fair warning: I am a teensy bit high strung and talk fast, yet totally here for exploring important conversations that involve spirituality and sexuality.

Enlightened the Podcast exists to cultivate a safe space for me and you to bravely shed light on real-life struggles, honestly ask hard questions, and actively choose self-growth. Because I was brought up as an extremely sheltered, religious homeschooler submerged in purity culture, I am thrilled to share my journey from childhood, to getting married too young (because I was “waiting for marriage”), to where I am today manifesting the life of my dreams…navigating age gap relationships, understanding my newfound spirituality beyond religion, indulging in the fullness of my sexuality as newly “out” lesbian woman, and pursuing a balanced lifestyle as an entrepreneur. 

Each episode is different, but may include encouraging words, inspiring stories, relationship advice, and progressive spiritual conversations that reveal we all are more alike than we think. We all just want to feel understood and seen. 

It’s safe to be curious.  You are not alone on this personal development journey. Let’s grow together!

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