Exploring the Chakra System with William Spanier — How to align my chakras? — What do you feel when you are out of alignment? — What organ is associated with each chakra? — “Chakra Friends,” Teaching Children about Chakras and Feelings

Hello beautiful friends, I am so honored that you’ve chosen to listen to Enlightened and that we create a safe place to explore concepts and share progressive conversations. For those of you who are extremely traditional, this episode may trigger you to think I am speaking about things that are sacrilegious; and although I do not agree, I invite skeptics to continue to listen, even with hesitation, to at least gain knowledge on our topic today, the chakra system. 

This is a topic I am so excited to explore and I’ve brought in an expert. And yes, you may not agree with me or my guest or you might even believe this is all too “woo-woo,” and that’s okay. That’s your story and you can skip this episode if you choose.

However, I invite you to have an open mind and to stay. Because even if you disagree, it’s better to understand a new perspective and choose to not partake in the practice than to deny a different view without any understanding at all. 

Oh, and just a heads up, this show’s audio quality is a bit iffy because my guest is recording outdoors, on the Indonesian oceanside. There are moments when the audio cutouts out for a split second and then my system speeds it up or drags it out for a second or two. I promise overlooking these technical issues will be worth your while because this episode is filled with so much insight!

Today’s conversation is going to dive deep into spirituality, travel, and our chakra system because my guest, William Spanier is an expert at understanding how energy flows. How did William he get into this line of work of energy healing that is now a passion? He was in a terrible car accident when he was only 18. Shortly after, he experienced unexplainable out of body experiences. During this time, William witnessed so much more than just this physical life and began to understand how energy works and flows. After these metaphysical experiences, he conducted energy healing for open-minded people, but realized that many Americans can be lazy and not prioritize self-care or may not be open to energy work at at all…so now he is traveling the world seeking like-minded people who are ready to expand and grow together.

I am a late bloomer learning about our chakras because in the past in my sheltered religious life in the south, I was taught that chakras are “evil.” Now that I am older, wiser, and accepting — after doing a little research, I see that this is not something you choose to believe in or not. Our chakra system is factual science; they are simply energy centers that coincide with the glands in our endocrine system.

What questions will we answer today?

  • What are the 7 chakras?
    • Muladhara (the Root Chakra) 
    • Svadhisthana (the Sacral Chakra)
    • Manipura (the Solar Plexus Chakra)
    • Anahata (the Heart Chakra)
    • Vishuddha (the Throat Chakra)
    • Ajna (the Third-Eye Chakra)
    • Sahasrara (the Crown Chakra)
  • What organs are associated with each chakra?
  • What foods are associated with each chakra?
  • What do you feel when your chakras are aligned?
  • What you feel when your chakras are out of alignment?
  • How do I align each chakra?

Because William believes it’s so important to teach the youth about chakras and feelings, he wrote a children’s book series. “Chakra Friends” features the adventures of seven enlightened creatures who hold the wisdom of the Universe. They are thrilled to teach and be of service to mankind in order to expand the world’s consciousness to greater heights. Each chakra friend goes on a mission to a different continent. Based on the energetic blockage, our chakra friend is able to aid a community, a family, or a tribe in need. This series teaches children mind-body-spirit connection, how get in alignment, learning what alignment feels like, anxiety coping tools, how to be a positive force for good in the world, and developing victim to co-creator mentality that encourages self-soothing and creativity!

I am grateful that my audience and I had the opportunity to get an understanding of this powerful system. I want to thank William for the work he is doing and being a light for our planet, for our children, for our future.

The love of God inside of me honors the love in you. Namaste, My Friends.

Connect with William

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