Feeling Rushed and Overwhelmed? Mantras to Help You Stop Rushing and Wasting Life with Harp Music

Are you feeling drained and completely overwhelmed?

Maybe it’s because you’re living your life in the illusion that you must RUSH to succeed.

Feeling like a hamster on the wheel of life? You were born to do more than just pay bills and die. Life is meant to be enjoyed! We are meant to experience all of our senses to the fullest…but we simply forget to take time to do it!

We often believe theses lies:

  • If I don’t rush, I won’t get enough finished
  • If I don’t rush, I am not working hard enough
  • If I don’t rush, I won’t achieve my dream

Sounds like you? To be honest, it sounds like me at times.

Because I battle with this skewed perspective as well, I wrote down some mantras that help me slow down and stop rushing. It’s all about taking time to create a new perspective of time management and what we deem “enough” or “well done.”

After using these mantras in my life, I discovered some anxiety relief, and now I would love to share them with you. I created this pep talk just for you so that you can relax into your flow and not rush today.

Feel free to download and save this recording so that anytime you feel even slightly out of alignment or maybe feeling a little less than confident or excited about being you…You can snap out of it by spending a little moment with me to pause and remember how incredible this life actually is! It’s simply too magical to waste hurrying through.


  • Life is too short to rush 
  • Life is too precious to rush 
  • Your energy is too valuable to rush

You are capable of achieving a homeostasis state of being if you actively choose not to be rushed today.

I know it sometimes causes more anxiety to take a break, but pausing now could save you from a potential panic attack later (at least that’s how it works for me). When I take time to invest in HOW I want the rest of my day to flow, I reap the benefits. That’s why I created these guided affirmations to help you feel not rushed or overwhelmed.

So let’s choose to go through life not rushed together by speaking these mantras:

today I choose to go through life and be present 

today I choose to go through life and experience the little things 

every smell 

every color 

every taste 

every feeling 

every gut feeling of my intuition 

every tangible, physical feeling 

I honor all the little things

I choose to be present in this moment 

I choose to see everything 

I choose to look for the good in my world 

I choose to embrace everything that is 

I choose to look at the color around me

and appreciate the colors of the leaves on the trees 

I choose to see there’s a lot of light posts on the streets around me and

I may even count the light posts just to be aware of the infrastructure around me

I choose to slow down enough to be aware 

to be aware and be grateful for my surroundings 

to find the beauty in my surroundings, whatever they may be

whether it’s a view of the ocean or the view from my desk,

I choose to pause and be grateful

I choose to see the flowers that grow 

even weeds on the side of the road 

wow, they are so beautiful 

the life that grows from the ground is so beautiful 

so why have I not noticed until now? 

I choose to be aware

I choose not to waste my precious life not noticing,

not appreciating the little things…

I appreciate the little things

I choose to not rush through my thoughts 

I choose to sit with my thoughts 

I choose to be okay right now 

I choose not to rush 

because rushing is wasteful 

I choose to not waste one more moment of my precious life 

rushing isn’t smart 

it ultimately doesn’t save me time 

and it is a waste of energy

so that’s why I won’t do it anymore

I choose to direct my attention to being intentional 

I choose to use my time with intention 

I choose to take advantage of every beautiful moment,

every beautiful moment and all that is 

I don’t rush because I love myself 

I don’t rush because there’s always enough time to get whatever needs to be done 

whatever is meant to be done today will get done

whatever is meant to be will unfold for me 

because life doesn’t happen “to” me, 

life happens “for” me, nothing gets in my way

I am at ease in finding my way in God’s time

my life happens for me

and things that come my way are good for me 

I benefit from every experience whatever it may be

and I choose to slow down enough to see the beauty in the things that other people might not see

I see, because I choose to be aware

I don’t have to rush 

I can be successful and productive without rushing 

I can be in my flow 

I accept my natural flow

it is not too fast, it’s not too slow

I accept my natural flow

I do everything to the best of my ability 

with the best intentions 

at a comfortable pace

because I love myself 

because I love myself, I don’t have to rush 

because I love what I do, I don’t have to rush 

because I love everything I do, I don’t have to rush

I can take my time.

I don’t rush because I love what I smell 

I don’t rush because I love what I hear 

I don’t rush because I love what I taste 

I don’t rush because I love what I touch

I don’t rush because I love what I see

I don’t rush because I love my experience of this moment,

of this second, of this minute, of this hour, in this magical day 

of my beautiful, beautiful, beautiful, life,

my beautiful, beautiful, beautiful, full life

I don’t rush because I love this present moment

I don’t rush because I love this present breath

I don’t rush because I am at peace 


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