Forgiving Yourself and Accepting Grace — Guided Meditation with Harp Music

Perhaps you feel alone in the dark forest of guilt and shame. Let’s gently walk through the path of forgiveness to find grace and light again through this guided meditation.

Why do we continually push, pull, beg, and plea for forgiveness? Does the the icky feeling and lying voice of “You don’t deserve it” plague you too? Does self-condemnation haunt you like it’s done to me?

I recently had a realization that touched my soul. I’m constantly reaching for forgiveness that’s ALREADY been given. I don’t need to ask God twice. I don’t need to ask myself twice. I don’t need to battle with guilt and shame anymore and neither do you! Let’s ask God and ourselves for forgiveness and gently fall into GRACE.

We are forgiven. We are worthy of grace.

We cannot access:

unconditional love

unconditional peace

unconditional presence

unconditional joy

unconditional gentleness

unconditional gratitude

unless we accept the free gift of grace.

So let’s accept grace together. Let’s allow our souls to feel light again so we can dance in the light.

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With infinite love and gratitude, I pray that peace be with you. xo Sophia (@SophiaSpallino on Instagram)

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