GETTING INTO TAROT CARDS & THE WOOWOO WORLD OF SPIRITUALITY with “Onyx Healing,” Rev. Sydney Finn of “Sunday Messages” — Shadow Work — Exorcism & Energy Clearing — Why Society is Afraid of Divination — Fundamentalist Christianity to Spiritual Seeking — How Oracle Decks Work — Taboo Spirituality — Self-Improvement —

Have you always been afraid to ask deep questions about the spiritual tools we have been told are dark? Maybe it’s not so sac-relig! Let’s explore tarot, oracle cards, & all things taboo in the “woowoo” world of Rev. Sydney Finn & grow in wisdom together!

Ooooh, you Enlightened Friends are in for an unexpected treat! My newest guest is here to explore the “dark,” mysterious tools in the spiritual realm that society deems taboo! Meet ordained Reverend Sydney Finn, a California based intuitive counselor who runs a nonprofit organization which offers a wide range of healing services, collective prayer, classes, and free content to support people on their healing journey. Her goal is to help people realize their own healing potential, and supply them with the right tools for them to become the highest expression of themselves.

So how did Sydney jump into the “woowoo” world of spirituality? Sydney’s gifts were forged in the pain, darkness and trauma of her childhood as she had to navigate abuse, neglect, addicts, and her own mental and spiritual pain. These gifts were refined in young adulthood as she healed her own wounds and fully committed to doing her healing work in this lifetime. After getting her B.S. in psychology, she changed direction and became an ordained minister to pursue her purpose as an intuitive counselor, hold space for others, and help them fill in the gaps in their own healing process through offering supportive guidance and reflecting clarity to each soul she works with.

Today’s show covers topics like:

  • How can spirituality fits in all lives and every background 
  • Can wisdom marry evolution and biology? 
  • Can duality be spiritually bypassed?
  • What is the shadow side?
  • How can we learn to accept our shadow?
  • Why is society and religion afraid of tarot?
  • What are tarot cards and how do oracle decks “work”?
  • How to avoid the draining of life force energy as a spiritual influencer

It’s time to set yourself FREE, Lovely One! 

The love of God inside of me honors the love in you. Namaste, My Friends.

Connect with Reverend Sydney Finn:

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