Purity Culture Gave Me PTSD with “God is Grey,” Brenda Marie Davies

“Sophia, why am I a full grown adult and still feeling uncomfortable about sex, even if I feel I have gotten over purity culture?” 

Let’s ask Brenda Marie Davies, host of the Youtube chanel and podcast, God is Grey.

Brenda always opens her show with this line, “Although I as a Christian believe that God resides in absolute truth, in black and white, we as people, are stuck here on planet earth contending with the grey. In church, grey areas often cause dissension, anger and even hate…but on this platform, I welcome open dialogue from a variety of opinion and differing belief systems.” And that’s just what we are going to do here.

If you’re a Christian, but open minded and love challenging indoctrinated ideas that you never chose to be yours (but are somehow in your head dictating your perspective on life) …and you’re ready to expand past this confined mindset…You are going to love this episode. If you weren’t raised in a strict religious household like my homeschooled self, you might want to stick around to get some perspective on it all. If you aren’t identifying as a progressive, open-minded human being, you might want to hit pause now and come back later…

On this week’s episode of ENLIGHTENED, I am honored to have an open dialogue with, progressive, freethinking, sex positive Christian influencer, Brenda Marie Davies. This girl is on fire for Jesus, but also a lover of people that the traditional church may have ostracized — and she isn’t afraid to stand up for what she believes in. I love watching her viral Youtube videos, and I know you will appreciate her perspective on the show.

Every time I consume Brenda’s content, I know more about God, myself, and understand my brain a little better…because she reveals how, as traditional Christians, the church may have indoctrinated us with concepts that have actually caused symptoms much like PTSD in our adult lives. Brenda is not only extremely well-researched and well-read before she creates a video, she is prayerful and intentional in covering topics from not only Biblical perspectives, but scientific and sociological perspectives as well. So let’s muse on these tough issues like why progressive Christians and traditionalists don’t seem to get along…and process why us 90s Christian kids (especially women) have developed anxiety and shame about sex!

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