MINISTER’S DAUGHTER’S STORY: GOOD CHRISTIAN GIRL TO GOOD ATHEIST with “Eve Was Framed”– Religous Trauma — Leaving Evangelical Christianity — Ex-Vangelical — Deconstruction Journey — Christian Nationalism — Sexuality — Spirituality

What’s it like when you put an atheist and spiritual human together on a podcast? We just might have more in common than you think…starting with religious trauma.

This episode of Enlightened, we are making space for a different type of guest, as you know, this is a sexuality and spirituality podcast and every guest that has come on thus far has believed in a higher power in some way, shape, or form. But today’s guest is different, “Eve_WasFramed” is an atheist ex-vangelical, a little nickname for us humans leading the ex-evangelical church movement. This radiant, all grown up and evolved minister’s kid has made it her purpose to expose the holes in theology and share her journey from being the perfect, good devout Christian girl to a bold, good atheist on her rapidly growing TikTok and Instagram platforms. 

I’m sure being the child of Christian ministers made for a childhood packed with lots of religious trauma. She even spent her teen years and early 20s as a worship leader. Eve now spends her time raising awareness for those that have suffered from religious trauma at the hands up of the evangelical church and speaks out against the harmful and toxic theologies she herself experienced. 

This episode covers topics like:

  • Purity culture
  • Religious trauma
  • Fear-based theology 
  • Christian nationalism
  • LA christian celebrity culture
  • Evolving morality (from a spiritual and atheist perspective)
  • Pro-life vs. Pro-choice arguments
  • Soothing trauma triggers

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I am excited to lend Eve my platform to share this perspective, even if it’s different than mine. I definitely believe in God, just not the way traditional Christians do.  Although I personally have left Christianity, I still honor SOME, definitely not all Christian roots, and would consider myself an inter-spiritual, new age-y, no rules, believer that God is pure love energy. As many of you know. I grew up in purity culture and evangelical indoctrination, much like Eve, and I’ve used my platforms and this podcast almost as an open journal of my personal and spiritual evolution…And I’ve invited all of you along with me on this journey as I venture away from Christianity and sexual purity ideals into inter-spirituality and sexual liberation. 

If you’re here, on some level, you most likely see yourself and me and I would see myself in you too. I would like to think that we would be good friends in real life…good friends who can openly discuss the liberation and the real fears we daily overcome as we enter these new phases of our lives, expanding past any limiting, fear-based religious beliefs we were indoctrinated upon as children. I’d also like to think we would be friends who could share the intimate details of our past traumas and heal together by revealing our hearts and sharing our mutual pain. I truly believe we can only heal as deeply as we are willing to acknowledge and feel. 

That’s why my dear friend, Daniel, and I are hosting a✨Religious Trauma Releasing Workshop✨ and I want YOU to be there.  This workshop is for YOU if you’re ready to take the next step in releasing the fear of sin and shame surrounding your sexuality and evolving spirituality as you leave traditional religion.

🙏🏽This will be a safe and confidential place to reveal and heal, as we share about understanding sin, hell, queerness, purity, guilt, shame, and questioning religious authority altogether…ultimately embracing our sovereignty and taking responsibility to heal together. 

Join the workshop: Releasing Religious Trauma Workshop 

❓What to expect: 

✨2 hours of intentional time together

✨Identifying the root of shame

✨Demystifying guilt 

✨Healing through shared experiences 

✨Quantum healing through guided mediation led by Daniel

✨Real world application: a closing embodiment exercise to take with you that I will lead

🗓 When is the LIVE workshop?

Mach 24, 22 — 7pm EST/ 4pm PST 

This is a 2 hour workshop, but please plan space in your calendar for 3 hours just in case we go longer…

Join us: Releasing Religious Trauma Workshop

📍 Where is it?

This is a private, LIVE Zoom call gathering, and thanks to internet and energy, you can connect with us from wherever you are in the world.

Please know…

📵Our workshop will not be recorded because Daniel and I want this to be a safe place for your processing and undoing. 🧘‍♀️

🙏🏽We offer no absolutes because you are your own authority.

🌀 We heal as deeply as we allow ourselves to journey through the pain.

🔓How much are you willing to touch and release? 

🧅 What’s the next layer of healing look like for you? 

✨Whatever it is for you, heal it with us. If you are considering signing up, do it now because we are only accepting a small group of people for this very intimate healing conversation and quantum healing experience.

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Lastly, if you are listening to this podcast after this particular workshop has closed its sign up doors, please don’t hesitate to reach out to me and inquire when our next workshop might be or to receive one on one coaching with me. Learn more about working with me 1:1 here:


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