YOU DESERVE REST, a Guided Meditation with Harp Music by the Seashore

Today’s show is a guided meditation to help you drift off into sleep when you feel like you have just too much on your mind to rest. Because even when it’s hard to hit the pause button, or you feel unworthy of taking a break, YOU ACTUALLY DESERVE REST.

This guided meditation was actually inspired by my own anxious thoughts…and the things I try to remember when I am coaxing my body and brain to stop frantically thinking and moving…and just rest. Because it’s so helpful for me, I thought it could be helpful to share with you.

Did you know your entire vibration resets in your sleep? Did you know that anytime you feel out of alignment or anxious, taking a nap can help you feel better and you will wake up in a higher, more positive state of being IF you make it your intention to fall asleep in peace.

So if you find your thoughts running away, breathe and tell yourself, “It’s good for me to rest and reset.” Breathe. Take deep breaths. 

I’m so glad you’re taking this time for self-care. You deserve to feel better. You deserve peace and rest. You deserve to give your mind a break, your body a break, to be here right now — in the present moment with your body and your mind at ease. It’s good for your soul.

Between my intended pauses, take the time to soak into the silence. To feel your breath. To hear your breath. To be here now. To rest here now. To relax here now. To flow with the ocean.

Be present now. Only think of my voice and your breathe, and let the ocean and whimsical harp music pull you away into the horizon…fall deeply into this moment of rest now. 

Let’s journey to the ocean shall we. I’ll take my harp. You can rest in the sand. There’s nothing to do here, but drift away…

Guided Meditation:

It’s okay to get some sleep right now. 

You deserve to rest.

You’ve had a lot on your plate,

but I want you to know everything is going to be okay.

You should rest your eyes. 

Go ahead. Close them. 

Feel deserving of this moment,

this moment to just take time for you,

your radiant self

that just needs a little rest to feel better.

You’re so vibrant, you know. 

Beautiful truly.

You’re just a little tired,

but it’s all going to get better. 

It’s all going to be okay.

Think of every tense place in your body,

starting at your toes, let peaceful energy

flow up your legs to your tummy and feel that

peaceful flow stream through your heart.

You can feel your shoulders and back and neck

Let go. Let go. Breathe in. Let Go. Breathe out. Let go.

You have a beautiful heart. 

You love everyone so well.

You are intentionally kind. 

You are such a blessing to those around you.

You are a light, 

so you just need a moment to recharge.

Think of your breath.

Breathe out weariness

and breathe in fresh energy.

Breathe out a feeling of uneasiness

and breathe in hope.

You are doing great.

Everything will turn out great. 

You’re doing so great.

You really put in so much effort,

and you will get to where to you want to be.

I am so proud of you. 

You should feel proud of you.

Take a moment to think of how grateful 

you are for how far you have come. 

You have come 

so far.

You’ve come all this way,

but don’t forget it’s good for you to take breaks.

Wow, feel the feelings of accomplishment 

to get to this moment

of pure rest that you always deserve.

We are always striving to get to a place of “making it”

but you made it here.

You should be proud to be here.

You have come so far.

Feel hope flood your soul.

Feel your heart lighten.

Feel your shoulders let go. 

You don’t have to carry it all.

You were never intended to carry it all.

You’re still loved if you don’t carry it all.

God does not measure His love for you

if you cannot carry it all.

Let it go. 

Feel the negativity leave your being.

Feel the heaviness leave your being.

Feel the pressure leave your being

Your heart is lighter.

Your body is not burdened.

Your mind is at ease.

Feel peace inside.

Breathe deeply.

Let go of fear.

Breathe in peace.

Let go of control.

Breathe deeply.

Let go and flow.

Rest now.

Now, doesn’t that feel better? Thank you for resting with me.

I hope you’ve enjoyed the show today. I am thinking that I will throw in a guided meditation or affirmations every other month, between interviews. I love writing these meditations and creating soothing sounds with my harp. Also, I want to say a special thank you to Tim Kahn for recording the “Atlantic Ocean Waves” audio that I borrowed from this source:

I create these for you, and I create these for me…because we all can use a little rest. Especially when life gets so sticky and rushed, we have to be intentional to carve out self-care time and prioritize our self-love rituals…After all, if we don’t love ourselves well, we can’t love others well. 

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With infinite love and gratitude, I pray that peace be with you. xo Sophia (@SophiaSpallino on Instagram)