“I was a man in a PAST LIFE” — My Past Lives Experience with The Past Life Regressionist, Daniel — Reincarnation — Forgiving & Healing Through Time Travel — Channeling Aliens — Self-Improvement —

Feeling triggered by specific situations or people? Maybe you had a bad experience in a past life that needs healing so you can be your best self today! As someone born and raised Christian, I was skeptical until Daniel guided me through time. And although I am on a “spiritual, but not religious” path, the concept of past lives was a challenging one for me to comprehend until I witnessed the magic for myself. During this show, I get vulnerable and share four lifetimes that I vividly saw during my past life regression session and Daniel shares about his mission in this lifetime.

Daniel is a past life regressionist who wants to help you discover who, when, and where you’ve been across time. He feels this is how he can do his part to make the world a better place — by helping free individuals from the karmic baggage they’ve been carrying around for multiple lives. He believes that once you’re free, you approach every decision from a different vantage point, which creates a butterfly effect that ripples around the world, and beyond space and time as we know it.

Today’s show covers topics like:

  • My internal struggle to feel safe being curious about past lives because of religious trauma
  • Why unexplained triggers and feelings could be associated with past life trauma, unforgiveness, or simply something that was never resolved
  • What is past life regression and is it associated with religion?
  • What is the process like? Should you be nervous?
  • How long does a past life regression session last?
  • What questions could a past life regression answer?
  • My personal journey through time and four past lifetimes
  • What it was like to see myself as a man in a past life
  • Have Robert and I been together in a past life?
  • Daniel’s experience watching clients channel aliens during sessions

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It’s time to set yourself FREE, Lovely One! 

The love of God inside of me honors the love in you. Namaste, My Friends.

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