Inner and Outer Beauty Affirmations — an ASMR Whispered Makeup Tutorial

Today, I am here to affirm you with my words, play my harp to ease your mind, and create nostalgic sounds with makeup application to help you rest. Sink into bliss. This moment is yours. 

I hope my makeup tips and self love affirmations help you relax. You can listen to help you fall asleep or simply calm down if you’re feeling on edge.

Disclaimer: this particular episode is for those who enjoy ASMR. 

The goal of performing ASMR is to create a sense of closeness and connection. I listen to this when I feel lonely or feel as if I need help relaxing. If you long to feel connection and closeness, or to relieve anxiety this episode is for you. 

If this type of show isn’t your thing, that’s okay. I can’t wait to speak to you in my next episode (usually a guided meditation or affirmations with harp music or a spiritual, encouraging conversation). 

However, if ASMR is something you like, or are interested in trying, be sure you are listening on good quality headphones to have the best experience. 

Relax and listen, rest your head, and get ready to experience total relaxation in your body.

What is ASMR, you ask?

To prepare for your experience, have an open mind and wear quality headphones for the full effect (shout out to Joshua Fontenot who helped me figure out how to record better ASMR! If you need any audio advice or editing, search him in my insta friends and reach out). ASMR stands for Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response; it’s a physical reaction that triggers a tingly feeling that is in your head or a sensation that runs down your spine.

I can create this response that relaxes your muscles and helps soothe anxiety by creating and recording comforting sounds (like whispering, brushing, tapping, scratching, plucking harp strings, and hand movements). When you listen to these episodes with headphones, you will feel as if I am providing you with up close and personal attention.

I hope listening to sounds that are associated with being a woman and self-care will help you embody your femininity and embrace taking care of yourself. You deserve to take care of yourself, in whatever way that looks like and feels good for you. 

As a girly girl, taking time in the bathroom for skincare and makeup is a from of art and therapy for myself. It’s the time I take to listen to podcasts or pray or say affirmations in the mirror. During this makeup application, take time to breathe into the spaces when I am not talking and meditate on the affirmations that resonate with you, or the memories that come up for you.

There are a lot of triggers surrounding the beauty industry and makeup application. And maybe you don’t enjoy wearing makeup at all. That’s okay. But maybe these sounds will be nostalgic for you, like listening to your auntie, mother, big sister, or grandma teach you how to apply makeup. Or bring back memories of you watching the women you have looked up to transform into the best versions of their physical selves in front of you…Remembering yourself as a child playing with your toys on the floor as you looked up at this special maternal figure sitting at her boudoir, applying red lipstick or powder. Or maybe they are sounds you hear everyday because like me, you enjoy the application process of makeup. 

Maybe makeup makes you angry and you don’t like the societal standards that have been set up for women. And I don’t intention to perpetuate anything that hurts your heart or triggers you…I just enjoy the feminine act of makeup application. Feel what’s coming up for you and I invite you to let it go. If this episode isn’t for you, that’s okay. 

If it is…stay. I love purposing to care for my appearance, so makeup relaxes me. I purpose to look lovely on the outside because on earth, we look at the outside when we look at each other. We get to choose how we adorn our earthly temples. I choose to use makeup in that way.

But what makes a women truly beautiful? Everyone can have their own definition and own their own story. But I think character traits are what make a woman truly beautiful. I think embodying femininity at its fullest is beautiful. To me, that’s someone who walks tall with dignity, being a strong force of love, and someone who leads with integrity…

A woman who is disciplined, and dedicated to walking in awareness — that’s a beautiful woman. Someone who purposes to possess the fruits of the spirit: love, joy, peace, gentleness, self-control, patience, goodness, kindness, and faithfulness. That is my definition of beauty. 

Makeup is just a way to adorn our earthly shell. And it’s fun. So can we enjoy this moment together? 

Let’s start with skincare. I like to use rose oil. It’s in a white glass jar with a rose gold tincture. Just the packaging makes me feel pampered and dainty. I will drop three drops onto my clean finger tips and massage this oil into my skin and down my neck. Moisture is the key to having a glowy look. For a long time, I was afraid of putting oil on my skin; and now, I realize that when I hydrate my skin, it creates less oil and less pimples…so I love putting oil on my skin.

Next I put on my primer. I love using Lancôme, especially the “La Base Pro Oil Free Primer.” It’s clear, like a gel. I usually use half of a pump. But today, I am near the bottom of the glass jar, so I will take off the cap and wipe some of the gel from the little pump tube onto my finger and rub it in covering all of my face. This is the foundation of the foundation. Never skip your primer. 

Next I will put on my actual foundation. I prefer Lancôme for this as well. No, this is not sponsored by Lancôme or any brand for that matter…this is just what I actually use everyday. I love their “Teint Idole Ultra Liquid 24 Hour Longwear SPF 15 Foundation.” That’s a mouthful, and I am not even sure if I pronounced it right, haha. I use one pump of this, and I know it’s not proper, but okay…I will tell you what I actually do… I spread that first pump all over with my fingers. I don’t use a brush or a beauty blender or anything. I just rub it around with my fingers and it goes on really soothly because of the oil and the primer I just used. It helps it to glide on really easily. I even get right under my jaw bone and chin. 

Next, I take a half a pump (or more if I am struggling with some pimples), but usually just about half a pump, and I dab it on each blemish or uneven place on my face. I don’t buy a separate concealer product because I love how buildable this Lancôme one is. I dab each spot carefully and gently. 

Next, I pull out my bronzer and highlight palette. I love having all of these products in one palette so I can easily create a contour. It’s great for traveling when it’s all in one place. It makes it easier. I love the “Park Avenue Princess” palette by Tartè Cosmetics. They call it a chisel palette, and that’s exactly what it does. It enhances your natural beauty and bone structure. I start with the darkest color and chisel under my cheek bone up to my temples. I take the middle level bronze colors and blend right under the apples of my cheeks. Next, I take the lightest bronze colors and lightly brush them on the outlines of my face — the outline of my forehead at my hair line, on either side of my nose, and under my jawline and chin. I blend and blend and blend more. And when you think you have finished blending enough, blend more; it makes it look more natural.

As for blush, I love a nice classic pink. I use a loose powder by BareMinerals called “First Class.” It’s light, feminine, and always compliments my olive tone. I use a smaller angled brush than I used for my bronzing, and apply a light stroke up on each of the apples of my cheeks.

Lately, I have been enjoying a natural eye. I take an off-white eyeshadow with a little shimmer — my favorite is a loose powder shadow from BareMinerals — and my current favorite off white tone is named “nude beach.” Using these loose powders are nostalgic for me because when I first started wearing makeup as a young woman, my mother took me to a BareMinerals boutique before it was ever sold at Sephora or Ulta. I remember those good old days…

I still remember the lady having me sit down and experiencing literal real life makeup ASMR as she used brushes to stroke my face and make me feel like a grown up. Such sweet memories… First makeup experiences are so special. What were your first memories of makeup? I hope they are good memories. If they are, breathe into the nostalgia of dusting sparkle onto your eyelids and feeling like a grown up for the first time… 

Okay, enough drifting off into those memories…now back to applying this eye shadow. I use this light color as the base covering my entire eyelid. I pat this light white over my entire eyelid to create a bright eye. Next I come in with a light brown starting at the outer crease and lightly pull towards the middle of my crease. I use a fluffy brush and gently blend, blend, blend. 

Then I curl my lashes with a gold eyelash curler. I got mine from target. I mostly got it because it’s gold, and that’s my favorite color aside from pink. I hold the curl for about eight seconds on each side. 

Next I use “Roller Lash” mascara by Benefit cosmetics. I start at the roots of my lashes and curl upward and outwards, like my eyelashes are like little fans. I don’t prefer my eyelashes to be too thick usually, so I just do two coats on each lash line.

Next I take a highlight stick, I love “Watts Up” by Benefit cosmetics, and outline my cupids bow — the spot right above your upper lip. I highlight the top of my cheekbones right under my eyes, and I also highlight right under my bottom lip’s outline. This makes your features pop.

Pop. Pop. Pop. *a classic makeup tutorial ASMR sound…wait for it 😉

Lastly, I complete the look by applying my lip-plumping lipgloss by Buxom — I am not kidding, the perfect sheer mauve shade is actually called “Sophia” — my name! So literally, my favorite lip gloss is named after me, haha. I twist off the top and use the applicator to cover my lips. I love the tingly affect of this plumping lip gloss. My lips feel almost icy. You have to try this stuff if you haven’t yet. 

Okay, my makeup look is complete. I feel feminine. I feel taken care of. I feel relaxed. I hope you do too.  

Relax. Relax. Relax.

You are beautiful, inside and out.

Listen as I speak words of beauty over you…

Listen as I speak words to encourage you to care for yourself.

Listen. Listen. Listen.

Take care of yourself.

Take care of yourself.

You deserve to take care of yourself.

You are altogether beautiful, my darling;

in you, there is no flaw.

Love yourself.

Love yourself.

Love yourself.

You are fearfully and wonderfully made, 

perfectly you.

You are enough.

You are enough. 

You are always enough.

All that you do, do it in love.

You embrace your truest self and honor her.

You embrace your truest self and honor her.

You embrace your truest self and honor her.

You are adorned with strength and dignity, and you laugh without fear of the future.

You choose love over fear.

You choose love over fear.

You choose love over fear.

You open your mouth with wisdom, and the teaching of kindness is on your tongue.

You choose rest over worry.

You choose rest over worry.

You choose rest over worry.

Your heart radiates light and your eyes reflect the kindness in your soul. 

You are peaceful.

You are peaceful.

You are peaceful.

How do you feel?

Have you drifted away?

That’s okay.

You deserve to rest.

Feel lovely.

You are lovely.

Feel strong.

Because you are strong, My Dear.

Feel beautiful.

Oh my goodness, you are so beautiful.

Feel passionate.

You love what you do.

Feel peace.

Let peace cover you’re being.

Feel joy.

Radiate gladness. 

Feel pretty. 

It’s okay to feel pretty,

inside and out.


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