How to Live BEAUTIFULLY Inside and Out with Celebrity Makeup Artist, Jessica Shakir

Sometimes, it takes a desert’s stillness for us to hear from God. If you are feeling isolated and in pain, use this time alone to ask God, “What next? Use me, use me where I am, however you please.” This is what Jessica did. Now, she is helping women blossom around the world!

Meet my dear friend and celebrity makeup artist, Jessica Shakir! She has discovered how to live passionately and on purpose despite physical pain…and she is showing others how to live a beautiful life, both inside and out! She has the joy, peace, and love of someone who appears to have a “perfect life,” but Jessica’s world was turned upside down when her back problems became unbearable chronic pain overnight, and she realized she couldn’t live her bicoastal life as a makeup artist on sets everyday.

Instead of sulking in the realization of all the things she “couldn’t” do, she started praying about what she “could do.” God has used her time of physical rest to build an incredible new career — being a beauty coach! Jessica has a gifting to draw out each woman’s beauty, revealing the innate radiance within every woman she coaches.

I cherished our time chatting together because she is a women of dignity, wisdom, and kindness that effortlessly flows from her heart. Jessica is the creator of, where she coaches women around the world, both online and through workshops. She’s using her experience as a celebrity makeup artist for good, to influence women to love themselves the way God made them! I call her my “beauty bff” because she is such an encourager, always giving me the pep talks just when I need them in her Instagram videos…and if you listen to this show, you will get a pep talk right now!

In this episode, she shares how to live beautifully inside and out…and how to choose to walk in purpose rather than shrink back into the pain. Here are some topics that we discuss:

  • What it is like to work with stars?
  • How can pain and seasons of waiting be used for a bigger purpose
  • Helping others actually helps heal you
  • What is “Beauty BFF”?
  • The way the fruits of the spirit align with beauty

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