KINKS & NON-TRADITIONAL RELATIONSHIPS with Luci Lampe — Healing from Purity Culture Shame — Open Relationship Advice — Spirituality — Sexuality — Personal Development —

It’s time to own your sexuality and take back your pleasure. Whether you’ve come from purity culture and need help expanding your sexual palette or are already in the “Sex Wild, Wild West,” you will enjoy this raw conversation with sex educator, Luci Lampe, as we explore kinks, open relationships, consent, and sexual liberation.

Luci Lampe is a mom of four, sex & relationship coach, award-winning singer and songwriter, commercial actress, lifestyle & fitness model, 3X author, and entrepreneur. Her writing has been featured on the Huffington Post, Forbes,, CBS, and Fox. Get ready to push your edge as you listen to our raw conversation all about sex, kinks, open relationships, consent, and overcoming religious indoctrination.




This episode covers topics like:

  • Healing from religious sexual shame
  • Thriving as a sex positive, open-minded family
  • “Spare the rod, spoil the child” belt whipping trauma responses 
  • Exploring kink and tantra after years of sexual repression 
  • How to discover and uncover your kinks
  • Learning about common and less common kinks
  • How to communicate about safe sex with new partners
  • How to instigate kink play and opening up your relationship 
  • How to respond if a partner makes you feel “weird” or shame
  • Daily practices to feel good and safe in your body
  • Creating safety with consent and safe words
  • Understanding “Compersion,” “Cuckolding,” and “Hot-Wifing”
  • Navigating jealousy in non-traditional open relationships
  • Sexual censorship on common platforms and using Only Fans


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