LEAVING A STRAIGHT MARRIAGE & CHOOSING A LESBIAN RELATIONSHIP with Haylee Benglan — Polyamory — Monogamy — Female Entrepreneurship — Two Moms — Personal Development — Sexuality —

What is it like to come out of a straight marriage with children, THEN choose a lesbian relationship? Curious about non-traditional relationship dynamics and living beyond the hetero-norm? Let’s listen to Haylee Benglan’s beautiful love story!

While exploring my sexuality, I have realized there is still SO MUCH more for me to learn because for so long, I suppressed my sexuality and even avoided learning about the gay experience for many years of my life (out of religion-induced fear, and fear that I might kiss a girl and like it). Now that I am aware, I am committed to breaking down this internalized homophobia by learning and hearing other’s stories. That’s why today’s guest is so special, and I can’t wait to share her “straight marriage to queer love” story and what it’s like to be a lesbian mother.

Haylee Benglan is a bi-sexual woman whose mission is to empower others to choose their own happiness and be BRAVE in every area of their lives! She’s a passionate entrepreneur with a giving spirit and a no-nonsense, yet positive toward life. Haylee and her wife, Paige, have become Instagram influencers, known by their hashtag #TwoMoms. Together they have an apparel and gymnastics company, Be Brave, that inspires women, especially mothers to be brave and raise brave children.

Today’s show covers topics like:

  • Leaving an abusive marriage and being a single mom
  • Coming out after being married to a man
  • Being one of TWO moms and co-parenting
  • Choosing your OWN happiness
  • Exploring polyamory
  • Loving and accepting your sexuality
  • Being in a lesbian relationship and being a mom
  • Using the word “NO” more often and setting boundaries
  • Living out loud regardless of fear as a queer woman in business

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