Seeking Wisdom & Guidance?

Need someone to talk to? Allow me to hold space for you.


Live private meeting with an actionable session summary

  • 15 minute Card/Pendulum Reading and Guidance Session, $55
  • 30 minute Mentorship Session (any topic), $122
  • 1 hour Mentorship Session (any topic), $177
  • 1 hour Breakup Breakthrough Session (severing soul ties), $177

Affordable Class Replays

  • TikTok Growth Hacks Class Replay
    • 2.5+ hour class video replay
    • Creation and strategy tips applicable to IG Reels and TikTok social media platforms
  • Startup Podcast Hacks Class Replay, $44
    • Nearly 2 hours of class video replay
    • Tips for launching and marketing a podcast the right way

Social Media Consulting

Live private meeting with an actionable session summary

  • Private 1 hour Instagram + Social Media Branding Strategy Deep Dive, $177
  • Private 1.5 hour TikTok/IG Reels Hacks Deep Dive, $244 
  • Private 1.5 hour Startup Podcast Deep Dive, $244

I am here to listen and share my wisdom…

  • Encouragement & life-giving words
  • Life direction guidance
  • Marketing, branding, and social media growth consulting

Love & relationship advice, with personal experience in:

  • Breaking up and severing energetic ties
  • Unique dynamics
    • Age gap relationships
    • Interracial relationships
  • Ending relationships with
    • Narcissists
    • Partners who cheat
    • Partners who discover they are no longer attracted to your sex/gender 
  • Curating online dating profiles
  • Handling dating anxiety

Spiritual counsel:

  • Oracle cards, tarot cards, and pendulum readings
  • Prayers for guidance, clarity, & resolution
  • Beginning your religious deconstruction & reconstruction journey 

Business and branding advice:

  • Tips for starting your influencer journey 
  • Tiktok growth hacks
  • Podcasting advice 
  • Instagram story and engagement tips
  • Content ideas for niche marketing 
  • Influencer/affiliate marketing strategy
  • Media kit advice & structure
  • Tips for starting your own online business 

Stay Enlightened

I am grateful for generous listeners like you who help me produce Enlightened the Podcast.


All subscriptions may be cancelled at any time.