Sophia Spallino Mentorship

Seeking Wisdom & Guidance?

Need someone to talk to? Allow me to hold space for you.

Fall so much in love with yourself, that it’s easy to drop into your heart and listen your inner knowing above all the noise in your head about your relationships and your world.

Clarity and Connection to Source

Everyone longs for it…

Are you willing to devote yourself to expansion?

Or do you find it’s challenging to stay motivated on your own?

If you’re feeling confused about what next step to take, you’re in the right place. I help women feel supported in consciously creating their dream life, financially, spiritually, relationally, and physically.

If you had clarity about your next steps, how would you feel? In your heart? In your body? In your mind?

You deserve to know clarity, to feel clarity in your bones.

It’s never too late to course correct. Feeling stuck is an illusion. Take my hand, and let’s jump together. You deserve to feel supported each step of the way. After all, every small step in the right direction adds up to big moves. Above all, you deserve to feel supported when you make hard choices of choosing love over fear.

Sophia Spallino, Life Coach

I can support you in:

  • choosing to begin dating again, but smarter
  • navigating a breakup, (before, during, and after care)
  • healing your heart and cutting energetic ties
  • building your brand on social media/podcasting
  • regulating your nervous system and practicing presence
  • coming out of the closet and embracing your authentic self
  • taking radical responsibility and daily action
  • implementing personal development tools
  • practicing daily healthy habits
  • manifesting your dream career/business/social media success
  • magnetizing conscious partnership
  • navigating the unknown with someone by your side


It’s safe to explore yourself deeply…

You’re valid in longing for more.

So how do you know what to do? Who to choose? What is best for you? 

You learn to listen to your intuition, trust your knowing, and process your emotions through your body. Allow me to help you remember your divine-given power.

There are 3 ways to work with me:

  • Guidance Experience: 15 minute card/pendulum reading and intuitive guidance session
  • Single 90 minute sessions
  • Apply to work with me in a longterm mentorship relationship

    All sessions are live private video meetings with actionable summaries

Allow me to point yourself back to you.

When you work with me,

  • I hold space for you to grow into the truest, most authentic version of you.
  • I share effective personal development tools and practices that lead to transformation.
  • I ask hard questions for you to uncover your own truth.
During our time together, I will teach you how to listen to your higher self, not me, not the world, not a partner, not your mama, not anyone else. Ultimately, I will lead you into falling in love with YOU.

I am not going to sugarcoat this for you. 

In this life, there’s no “trying.” 

…Trying to leave a relationship that isn’t right…

…Trying to create better, sustainable habits…

…Trying to set firmer boundaries…

…Trying to manifest your dream partner…

…Trying to forgive, heal, and cut energetic ties…


You are either 




I am here to support women who are turned on by the DOING…not just the fantasizing about changing their whole lives..the one who is WILLING TO DO HER WORK, make tough decisions, and take action. 

After all, without a little upfront emotional/relational/spiritual/business “work,” how could one ever get to a place of FLOW and ease? Yes, it DOES get to be easy. But first, you might have to make some hard choices. 

Shifting into your power WILL feel uncomfortable, and that’s why so many start the transformation journey and stop when it feels like too much. The truth is, yes, sometimes life feels like too much. But that’s why I am here. To hold your hand, to hold your heart…To hold a safe space for you to share your voice…To hold up a mirror to show you that YES, BITCH, YOU FUCKING ARE THE FAIREST OF THEM ALL SO SHOW YOURSELF WHAT YOU GOT…BECAUSE I KNOW YOU GOT IT ALL WITHIN YOU…all the grit to make every single decision you need to make to blossom into the queen you are destined to be. You just need to see it all within you too.

So right now, you get to make the choice: Are you *actually* doing it or will you just continue the cycle of  trying?

If you’re DOING it, I wanna dooooo it with you. 

Oh, c’mon, get your head out of the gutter…Just kidding, you know who you’re talking too, and I liveeeee to dirty talk. So if you consent to doing it with me, I am honored to hold this intimate space for you. It’s my responsibility to make sure you feel safe to surrender to your Higher Self, and just let go. Working with me will feel like a delicious time of self-pleasure. Light the candles. Turn on the mood music. And I’ll be telling you exactly what you need to do to hit that O. 

Yesssss, you bad girl, in our private one-on-one meetings, I will be whispering EXACTLY what you need to hear to get to where you need to go (the orgasms of life — being brave enough to leave something good for the opportunity of something great, leveling up in your business, learning to fully love yourself and never settling what you deserve). I will guide your hands and your heart…and when you do get there, and feel the relief, ease, joy, and confidence in yourself, you’ll thank me for my sexy service. But DEEP down, and we know you loveeeee it deep (hehe), you’ll be so proud of yourself. I am just here to challenge you to open your heart, shift your mindset, and boldly use your voice.

You may have made a bed, but you DO NOT have to lie in it. It’s time to trust yourself enough re-write your story. What would happen if you got clear on your desire and dropped everything that could get in your way…dropped your emotional walls, energetic resistance, and your mask of perfectionism (because it’s okay that everything isn’t okay right now)! Okay, you can keep the sexy leather kitty masks, but everything else has GOT TO GO…

Let me tell you what would happen! You’d be so fucking turned on by your own life, dancing with passion for what you do, who you love, and basking in the ease that comes with the world responding to your magnetic energy. So if you’re ready to take radical responsibility for your own life and stop pretending to be who your world wants you to be, I can help you slip into the sexy magical thing that you really ARE…

My coaching container is for you IF:

  • You desire a safe place to reveal your heart, and have someone hold your hand through fire (Yes, just like me, you will get to the other side, and I will be here cheering you on every step of the way).
  • You can’t afford to stay stuck, emotionally, spiritually or financially. You know it’s time to level up and not look back.
  • You are willing to let go of the pain stories that aren’t serving you, and sovereignly choose to take on the challenge to write a new chapter.
  • You are ready to expand into the radical, radiant fullness of who you are, without apology, without shame.
  • You are turned on by the idea of seducing the energy around you to bend to your will and for the greater good.
  • You crave a mentor that will help pull your creativity out of you and hold you accountable to feel more, question your intuition less, take messy action, and trust your own Divine knowing.

So you’re interested in a a super sexy longterm relationship with me? APPLY TO WORK WITH ME

Affordable Class Replays

  • TikTok Growth Hacks Class Replay
    • 2.5+ hour class video replay
    • Creation and strategy tips applicable to IG Reels and TikTok social media platforms
  • Startup Podcast Hacks Class Replay, $44
    • Nearly 2 hours of class video replay
    • Tips for launching and marketing a podcast the right way