THE SECRET: LETTING GO — My Healing — The Teachings Behind My Forgiveness Anthem — A Solo Episode with Sophia Spallino — A Course In Miracles — The Way of Mastery — The Sophia Code — Personal Development — Spirituality

Whether you feel compelled to bless and release an ex partner, old boss, family member, co-worker, or simply need to forgive yourself, this episode will encourage you to let go, not “for them,” but for YOU. I know you are brave enough to choose forgiveness and value your own peace over holding onto past pain. During this solo episode, I talk about the teachings that inspired My Healing, a forgiveness anthem I wrote and recorded.




I wrote this song for me & I wrote this for you, so it can heal whatever needs closure in your life.

Inspired by the teachings of Jesus, A Course In Miracles, The Way of Mastery, The Sophia Code, Louise Hay, Madelyn Moon, & the Ho’oponono prayer, I present to you MY HEALING: A FORGIVENESS ANTHEM.

I’ve never actually produced music before; & to be quite honest, I still have no clue what I did. I swear this song was birthed through me, like I consciously didn’t write it. It just flowed out like water pouring from the heart.

This is for you to listen to when you realize it’s time to let go for the very first time. That initial moment you let go is very courageous, and should be a celebrated, sacred time. Letting go of the pain story is letting go of attachment to why or how or when. It’s necessary work, & you’re strong enough to do it.

This is also for you to listen to when you’re triggered AGAIN…Because believe me, forgiveness is not a one time thing. When something really traumatizes us, & we are reminded of it, even when we think we have moved past it, we have another opportunity to forgive that pain.

As I have learned from my friend, Anna Stromquist of “This Spiritual Fix” Podcast, the wound exists to forgive it. The more efficiently we can forgive & choose unity, the sooner we allow in more love, freedom, & peace.

So beautiful friends, I invite you to listen to MY HEALING, & let the words wash over you like a cleansing rain. Let the sounds of burning away the old usher in your new beginning. May the soothing sounds of my harp bathe you in Divine Light, so you can see who you truly are…Love.

And let us remember: love chooses forgiveness even when it’s hard. Love is strong enough & quick to forgive hard things. Love sees itself in the eyes of others. When you choose unity, every illusion dissolves. So put in some headphones (to experience the full energetic effect), close your eyes, listen, & let the pain dissolve.

After we listen to the song, I come to you with a pile of my favorite texts, and read you the beautiful words of the teachers and channeled works that contributed to the lyrics of this song.

Quotes that inspired this song:

“You can’t have open hands to hold the right thing — or the right one — until you let go of the wrong thing.” —myself

So in a way, forgiveness is to better YOUR life. It’s for you. Even when the person or situation doesn’t “deserve” it. One of the ways I heal more efficiently is to stop playing the story in my head. When a thought comes in that hurts me, makes me tense in the shoulders, or sick in the tummy, I actually exhale with my mouth open — to release that bad taste, that bad energy. I’m not only telling my heart, but my body to release it. When I realize I am still holding onto something or I am triggered again, or blaming that person or thing again, I know I need to take this loud long exhale and maybe even stick out my tongue for a full release.

“Don’t drink the poison of resentment. Instead choose to say, ‘Wow, that/they were such a teacher.’” —Madelyn Moon


“I’m sorry. Please forgive me. Thank you. I love you.” — The Hawaiian Ho’oponopono prayer

I am launching a breakup breakthrough program

This isn’t for you if:

  • You are hoping to get back together and willing to waste your precious life waiting on someone who isn’t there for you now or enthusiastically choosing you
  • You are willing to settle in your love life again
  • You want to continue to feel your pain and live in a fantasy world that “it might work out,” or “they might come back,” only to be let down again

This is for you if:

  • You are ready to get over this heartbreak because you’ve consciously grieved and given yourself adequate time to just be sad and feel it all
  • You don’t want to waste another precious present moment of your life living in the past or the illusion of the future
  • You are ready to fully, completely, sovereignly let go and accept wholeness and get clear on your desires before you manifest your next lover

IF this sounds like you, please shoot me a dm or email and I will put you on my waiting list.

It’s time to set yourself FREE, Lovely One! 

The love of God inside of me honors the love in you. Namaste, My Friends.

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