What an Age Gap Relationship is REALLY Like with Natalie Workman — He’s 25 Years Older Than Me — Age Matters

Meet Natalie Workman, the host of the Age Gap Realness podcast — a show that digs beneath the surface of what people assume age gap relationships are…Which is such important work to me because, just like Natalie, my boyfriend is over 25 years older than me.

  • What is an “age gap relationship”?

    • A relationship that involves a large gap between the partners’ ages, in our cases over 25 years apart.

If you follow me on instagram (#ShamelessPlug @SophiaSpallino), you probably know am dating a very special fella, my sweetheart Robert Croak! What you might not have realized is that Robert is over 25 years older than me!  After falling in love last November, I felt super alone in this world of being a young, driven woman with an older man…it’s just not common and it’s sadly even looked down upon.

I feel like when people think of age gap relationships, they think of creepy, old guys with young, hot girls on a beach. That’s a far cry from age gap relationship real life. Most the time, it’s just like any other relationship real life, but this tainted perspective is all that’s popularized in traditional media, so I can’t blame anyone for their indoctrinated ideas. For the longest time, even though I knew the love between Robert and I is so special, pure, and real…I was afraid of what other people would assume.

Then I stumbled upon Natalie’s instagram and her Age-Gap focused podcast! Just like I share online, Natalie and her older fiancé Brandon, share so much of their lives through transparent instagram stories and podcasts. I saw there was a whole underworld of incredible people making power couple moves…all who happen to have age gaps!

While there are pros to being in an age gap relationship, there are trials that come with this lifestyle and partner choice. Natalie is an incredible, smart, and passionate girl that’s paving the way for other women to walk confidently if they so happen to be in our shoes. Walking side by side with a successful, older man are big shoes to fill, even though the world sees it as a walk down “easy street.” Believe me, Natalie would know because her fiancé, Brandon Dawson, is extremely prosperous and well-known in the business world…and that privilege comes with unique challenges. Through her blog and podcast show, Natalie is proving to the world that while LOVE IS AGELESS, AGE MATTERS, so we should live life to the fullest!

Although Natalie’s union with Brandon and my partnership with Robert isn’t “mainstream” yet, there are over 15 million other women out there dating older men too. So we aren’t alone as it may seem; we are just willing to live our lives out loud publicly. If I wouldn’t have stumbled upon Natalie’s show six months ago, I am not quite sure I would be as confident in sharing my relationship with my online audience as I am today. She’s not only shifting the perspective for women like me in age gap relationships, but how society views us as a group. In fact, I think in 20 years when more women stop playing around, trying to train boys and start dating real, grown men, Natalie will be credited for popularizing the age gap movement in a wholesome way that’s never been shown before. And I can’t thank her enough for displaying an honorable example of true, ageless love for the world to see.

Here are some of the hot topics Natalie and I discuss on Enlightened the Podcast:

  • What are the some of unique challenges you feel that couples, like us in age gap relationships, have to deal with that those in traditional relationships might not come across? And what have you learned from situations where people have been rude?
  • As many know, your fiancé, Brandon Dawson, has been exceptionally successful in the business world…and I am sure that can be intimidating for you at the beginning of your relationship (believe me, it is for me at times with Robert)…But what shifted your perspective to feel respected on your own?
  • Natalie, you’re such an inspiration to female entrepreneurs around the world, rising in a company without a college degree, and now creating on your own. I almost regret wasting time getting my degree, since I chose this direction of working for myself. What advice would you give to a young woman who feels like college might not be for her, but feels pressure to go anyway?
  • Although most people listening aren’t in age gap relationships, they may be self-employed, building an empire with their partner… I love working hand in hand with Robert and bouncing ideas off of each other all day. What’s your favorite thing about spending everyday working together with Brandon? And what advice would you give to those who are thinking about working with their partners?
  • Now rather than saying, “Age doesn’t matter,” one of your most popular quotes is “Age matters.” Some people might be confused since you’re in a famous age gap relationship…So can you explain, what do you mean?

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