NEW YEAR’S DEVOTIONS with Rev. Sydney Finn — The Secret to Setting & Accomplishing Goals with Ease — Setting Boundaries — Woo Woo Manifestation Tips — Spirituality — Sexuality — Personal Development —

The process of reaching your goals *could* be filled with pleasure, not pain. Tired of failing at New Year’s Resolutions? You’re not alone. Allow Reverend Sydney Finn to inspire the DEVOTION required to get into alignment and usher in the new year (and every new day) with ease. 

My dear friend Reverend Sydney Finn is here on Enlightened for an encore! Words alone will never be able to fully capture or describe the work of Reverend Sydney Finn. Being a gifted intuitive since childhood, she navigated a severely abusive and traumatic upbringing which led her to pursue psychology and other healing modalities. After quickly recognizing the limitations of psychology, she found herself undergoing professional training as a psychic and intuitive healer. Today, she is an intuitive guide, speaker, podcast host, and group facilitator.

After conducting thousands of intuitive readings worldwide with clients on 6 continents, she now leads people to their highest potential, energetic optimization, and supports her audience in making a masterpiece of the lives they lead. While her emphasis is on energetic mastery, her work is centered around connecting to your own spirit, sacred desires, and unique relationship with God. She is the bridge between your current experience and infinite, limitless possibilities.

You can find more support in learning about boundaries and how to say  “No” on Sydney’s podcast, Sunday Messages. The episode you should listen to is titled, “No.” Lastly If you would like to indulge in our first episode together, back when Enlightened was such a different podcast when I just started, find my episode entitled “Getting into Tarot Cards and the WooWoo World of Spirituality.” Without further ado, let’s bask in the wisdom that is Reverend Sydney Finn…




This episode covers topics like:

  • Ushering in the new year successfully 
  • What happens after “death” and between lives?
  • Consistency over aggressive short-term action
  • Going general rather than specific
  • The secret to success: devotion > motivation and alignment > effort 
  • Allowing the process of creation to be fun and pleasurable
  • Foggy vision vs clear vision manifestation 
  • BDSM and kinks
  • People pleasing (specifically as women to feel safe)
  • Normalizing saying NO and setting boundaries

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It’s time to set yourself FREE, Lovely One! 

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