My radiant enlightened friends, today I am going to share part two of my true, honest story…All the juicy stuff like HOW TO MANIFEST YOUR DREAMS (EVEN LUXURY)… ADMITTING I WAS HOMELESS… WHY I GOT A DIVORCE… WHAT LIVING WITH A NARCISSIST IS ACTUALLY LIKE… YEP, I LIVED IN AN RV IN A DUSTY TRAILER PARK… and lastly, HOW I WENT FROM STRUGGLING TO THRIVING BY LIVING OUT THE LAW OF ATTRACTION! At the end of this episode, I will lead you through a guided meditation with original harp music. If you haven’t listened to part one, tap on this link first.

So I’ve recently manifested the love of my life and my dream home…

but let’s start with the elephant in the room…

I was homeless.

It’s true. I know I’m mostly rainbows and butterflies here on the Internet. But I want to be honest…I’m talking, “you’ll be shook honest.” Read this if you want to get raw and real with me.

Yes, I grew up with wonderful parents in a beautiful home in Youngsville. But in case you didn’t know, my 20s haven’t been stable. After college, I moved to Los Angeles. During that time, I lived in three different places. 

At the age of 23, I moved back to Louisiana to my parent’s home. November of 2016, I got married and moved into an RV trailer with my ex-husband. A year later, I found myself living in Florida, moving twice to dusty RV parks. 

The marriage went south in less than a year. I separated from him and moved to D.C. with my aunt to feel safe and get my head right. I returned to Florida to plan an escape. 

In May of 2018, I packed up my car and drove from Florida to Louisiana. I abruptly left my job in Orlando, and my grandmother offered to let me live with her because the out-of-state divorce left me homeless. 

The day I arrived to my home state, I began praying for God to provide. I have a journal with a list. A dream purposeful career. A dream man. A specific type of home…Where EXACTLY I wanted to live…which was “way too expensive” for recently a divorced woman to dream of…

In July of 2018, I started growing my Instagram, eating soup out of cans to afford to wear nice things so people would follow me. Sad, but true. Yes, I love nice things, but I couldn’t afford all of them. I struggled, but it was worth it. It’s like investing in a business. 

I had half of my clothes at my parent’s home in Youngsville and half in Carencro at my grandmother’s. I worked in Lafayette, and I lived out of a duffle bag most days. I would drive 30 minutes every morning at 5:30am from my granny’s house to River Ranch, a luxury community in Lafayette. I’d shower at the City Club gym because her bathtub was rusted. Everyday before work, I’d sit in empty lots, cross-legged, and thank God for my own luxury home. 

What home? Glad you asked. My imaginary home. I’m sure people passing by thought I was crazy or assumed I was about to build a house there. Little did anyone know, I had no property or building plans, but I was building… currency in the law of attraction. 

I was vibrating gratitude for something so huge and unseen. I’d close my eyes and smile. I’d feel the feeling of coming home to a man that actually loved every cell of my being and wouldn’t yell or belittle me. I’d clearly picture my car having a garage for the very first time. I’d delight in envisioning a closet of red bottom shoes. I’d imagine playing the harp for a true love and drinking coffee on my own front porch with my grandma…inviting her to MY HOME…

My tummy would begin to flutter. I played these images over and over in my head until I would begin to cry happy tears of thankfulness or laugh with joy. 

Then I’d open my eyes, get back in the car, eat my canned soup, and smile for the gram. I did this everyday I was in Lafayette for one year, June 2018 to June 2019. 

November 2018, Robert Croak came into my life. What. A. Stud. Inside and out. I started spending time at his home in Ohio…once again, living out of a suitcase. I was exhausted of living this way. By June of 2019, I just “forgot” to book a flight home and stayed in Ohio with my boo-bear. His Ohio home became mine, but Robert always knew I longed to have a home in Lafayette near my family.

Back in July, we shared our relationship publicly. In the beginning, everyone assumed he was a sugar daddy. LOL. Paleeeeeez! I work for myself online. Plus, recently I stepped up and we’ve been partnered together in business and working hard as a team. 

Finally, the stars aligned. I’m crying as I type this, y’all. I now have my own home in Lafayette, Louisiana…in the community I’ve dreamed of living in since I was a little girl. Robert and I will now split time between his home in Ohio and my home in Louisiana, and we will share them both. I went from being homeless to having two homes across the country. 

Don’t judge someone’s breakthrough until you know their “BEEN THROUGH.” I’ve been through some shit. It might look like my life is perfect, but it wasn’t always this good. I went through the valley. But now I know what true belief is. It’s breakthrough season. I have a home in River Ranch. I have a safe space and true love. 

So now I want to help you manifest your dreams and your idea of luxury…but it starts with YOUR thoughts. Remember, the Law of Attraction will attract what you meditate on, so don’t meditate on lack — Thank for what you desire to attract it into your now reality. 


  • Get in the right headspace and vibration. You can do this by getting into your body, whether that’s breath work, meditation, dance, going on a walk, or whatever you choose. Remember how blessed you are and just be. 
  • Believe you are worthy of all the desires of your heart. If you’re near a mirror, look into your eyes when you take your next steps. 

Law of Attraction Steps:

  1. Ask God for what you desire.
  2. Believe you are worthy of your desires; believe they are ALREADY YOURS.
  3. Thank God in advance for all that you desire as if it already is. Say “Thank you,” out loud.
  4. Feel the feelings of joy, peace, and abundance that receiving your desires would make you feel. If you can, lay down with your left hand on your heart, and your right hand on your tummy. Feel light and joy bubble from your toes to your crown.
  5. Live like you are worthy. Believe you are so worthy of receiving. Vibrate like you have received already. Don’t “Ask” anymore, just “Thank” God for what is. All is well. Speak like you have it. Walk in confidence that “It is done.” Live in the high vibration of gratitude. 
  6. Receive. 

Thank you for giving me space to share my story, sharing my lows and highs. I’m honored to share my truth with you and hope learning about manifestation and the law of attraction will be a blessing in your life. 

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