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BISEXUALITY EXPLAINED with Capri Campeau — How to Know if You are Bi? — Questioning your Sexuality — The Sexuality Spectrum — Polyamory — Healing Internal Homophobia & Biphobia — Personal Development — Sexuality — Sex Education —

Let’s learn all about bisexuality from the Fairy Bi-Mother herself, Capri Campeau!

This episode for you IF…

  • you are bi (hi, babe, me too)

  • you are part of the lgbtqia+ community

  • you are questioning your sexuality at all

  • you are an ally who wants to understand and learn from two bi women’s personal life experiences and Capri’s knowledge

Capri Campeau (she/they) is a bisexuality mentor and content creator on TikTok & Instagram! She shares videos to educate and entertain the queer community. Capri’s content helps people fall in love with their bi-ness! They also offer coaching to help clients battle internalized biphobia so they can find freedom in their relationships with themselves & others. Say hello to your Fairy Bi Mother!

Today’s show covers topics like:

  • How to know if you’re bi?
    • What are the signs?
  • Navigating relationships (mono and polyamorous)
    • If you’re curious about my dating situation, I am currently open to meeting a long-term older, femme, female partner, and the DMs are OPEN
    • Bisexuality is not synonymous with polyamorous. Many bi humans are monogamous, even if I am not in this season of life
  • Bi-visibility and validation
    • It might be hard to realize who you are (if you are bi), or understand bisexuality because the media doesn’t show us often
  • The sexuality spectrum (bisexuality is crazy diverse!)
    • Everyone falls somewhere
    • 42 variations between xx and xy chromosomes
      • Dr. Karen Tang’s research
  • The difference between Bi and Pan
  • My personal experiences dating or trying to date women while dating my life partner, a man
    • Go back to the Holly Sonders episode and Nick Norcia episode if you want more tea
  • Experiencing homophobia and biphobia
    • How does it manifest within ourselves and others?
    • Internal and external
  • Bisexuality & mental health

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THE SECRET: LETTING GO — My Healing — The Teachings Behind My Forgiveness Anthem — A Solo Episode with Sophia Spallino — A Course In Miracles — The Way of Mastery — The Sophia Code — Personal Development — Spirituality

Whether you feel compelled to bless and release an ex partner, old boss, family member, co-worker, or simply need to forgive yourself, this episode will encourage you to let go, not “for them,” but for YOU. I know you are brave enough to choose forgiveness and value your own peace over holding onto past pain. During this solo episode, I talk about the teachings that inspired My Healing, a forgiveness anthem I wrote and recorded.




I wrote this song for me & I wrote this for you, so it can heal whatever needs closure in your life.

Inspired by the teachings of Jesus, A Course In Miracles, The Way of Mastery, The Sophia Code, Louise Hay, Madelyn Moon, & the Ho’oponono prayer, I present to you MY HEALING: A FORGIVENESS ANTHEM.

I’ve never actually produced music before; & to be quite honest, I still have no clue what I did. I swear this song was birthed through me, like I consciously didn’t write it. It just flowed out like water pouring from the heart.

This is for you to listen to when you realize it’s time to let go for the very first time. That initial moment you let go is very courageous, and should be a celebrated, sacred time. Letting go of the pain story is letting go of attachment to why or how or when. It’s necessary work, & you’re strong enough to do it.

This is also for you to listen to when you’re triggered AGAIN…Because believe me, forgiveness is not a one time thing. When something really traumatizes us, & we are reminded of it, even when we think we have moved past it, we have another opportunity to forgive that pain.

As I have learned from my friend, Anna Stromquist of “This Spiritual Fix” Podcast, the wound exists to forgive it. The more efficiently we can forgive & choose unity, the sooner we allow in more love, freedom, & peace.

So beautiful friends, I invite you to listen to MY HEALING, & let the words wash over you like a cleansing rain. Let the sounds of burning away the old usher in your new beginning. May the soothing sounds of my harp bathe you in Divine Light, so you can see who you truly are…Love.

And let us remember: love chooses forgiveness even when it’s hard. Love is strong enough & quick to forgive hard things. Love sees itself in the eyes of others. When you choose unity, every illusion dissolves. So put in some headphones (to experience the full energetic effect), close your eyes, listen, & let the pain dissolve.

After we listen to the song, I come to you with a pile of my favorite texts, and read you the beautiful words of the teachers and channeled works that contributed to the lyrics of this song.

Quotes that inspired this song:

“You can’t have open hands to hold the right thing — or the right one — until you let go of the wrong thing.” —myself

So in a way, forgiveness is to better YOUR life. It’s for you. Even when the person or situation doesn’t “deserve” it. One of the ways I heal more efficiently is to stop playing the story in my head. When a thought comes in that hurts me, makes me tense in the shoulders, or sick in the tummy, I actually exhale with my mouth open — to release that bad taste, that bad energy. I’m not only telling my heart, but my body to release it. When I realize I am still holding onto something or I am triggered again, or blaming that person or thing again, I know I need to take this loud long exhale and maybe even stick out my tongue for a full release.

“Don’t drink the poison of resentment. Instead choose to say, ‘Wow, that/they were such a teacher.’” —Madelyn Moon


“I’m sorry. Please forgive me. Thank you. I love you.” — The Hawaiian Ho’oponopono prayer

I am launching a breakup breakthrough program

This isn’t for you if:

  • You are hoping to get back together and willing to waste your precious life waiting on someone who isn’t there for you now or enthusiastically choosing you
  • You are willing to settle in your love life again
  • You want to continue to feel your pain and live in a fantasy world that “it might work out,” or “they might come back,” only to be let down again

This is for you if:

  • You are ready to get over this heartbreak because you’ve consciously grieved and given yourself adequate time to just be sad and feel it all
  • You don’t want to waste another precious present moment of your life living in the past or the illusion of the future
  • You are ready to fully, completely, sovereignly let go and accept wholeness and get clear on your desires before you manifest your next lover

IF this sounds like you, please shoot me a dm or email and I will put you on my waiting list.


SEXUAL IS BEAUTIFUL with Holly Sonders — Making Millions Off the Male Gaze — My Girl Crush Story — Plastic Surgery Controversy — Building a Business Beyond ONLY FANS — Female Entrepreneur — Self-Improvement — Exploring Sexuality — Age Gap Fetish — Personal Development —

Wanna tap into your inner “bad girl”?  Let’s vibe (keep your head in the gutter) with Holly Sonders, one of the most popular online models who is making MILLIONS capitalizing on the male gaze. Today’s episode is totally raw girl talk all about our sex lives, attraction, modern feminism, and her journey from being a small town girl to literally running her wildly successful very OWN “Only Fans.” 

Holly Sonders is a brilliant business woman, broadcaster, and model in her early thirties. After a decade in the sports broadcasting industry, working with big networks like Fox, NBC, and the Golf Channel, she decided to do what she loves and truly be who she is — not what a network decides FOR her to be. 

Holly believes “Girls can be smart AND hot,” and she proves this with her brilliant marketing and business strategy that essentially cuts out the middle man in the sexy modeling industry (aka cutting out the middle man like Only Fans, and keeping more profit for herself). She is now her own boss, has numerous employees, and makes millions selling her R rated art.

Being sexual is beautiful, and I think this authentic, scandalous conversation will help you release a layer of shame. It’s a safe place here to be your most sexual, authentic self!

Today’s show covers topics like:

  • Going from a wholesome small town girl to what haters people would call a “porn star”
  • Making MILLIONS by capitalizing on the male gaze
  • Polyamory/open relationships
  • My most recent GIRL CRUSH story
  • Behind the scenes in the scandalous modeling industry
  • Building a business beyond “Only Fans”
  • Handling criticism 
  • Controversy of plastic surgery 
  • Analyzing our attraction for men and women
  • Loving partners who are broken from past relationships 
  • The honest fear of aging as women
  • and of course, sex toys and fetish talk 

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“You Might Be the WRONG Astrology Sign” Learn about Vedic Astrology with Christine, host of Astrology Now Podcast — Western Astrology vs. Vedic Astrology — Self-Improvement — Exploring Spirituality — Personal Development —

HAVE WE BEEN READING OUR HOROSCOPES WRONG OUR WHOLE LIVES?! Getting into astrology for the first time? Or want to go deeper by comparing your Vedic astrology chart to your Western chart? Allow Christine, host of the podcast Astrology Now, to help us understand what Vedic astrology is and why we just might read our horoscopes differently in the future!

Christine is a certified Vedic astrologer, social worker, Ahimsa enthusiast, and yoga/meditation teacher. She is passionate about sharing Vedic astrology with the world. Most people don’t even know what it is or why they would consider following it rather than traditional western astrology! By utilizing their Vedic map of the stars, Christine supports her audience in getting in alignment with their karmic path — body, mind, and spirit.

Today’s show covers topics like:

  • What is Vedic astrology and how is it different from Western astrology?
  • Is Vedic astrally more accurate than Western astrology?
  • Have we been reading our horoscopes “wrong” our whole lives?
  • Vedic astrology is a lunar based system vs. Western, which is based on the sun
  • How does knowing your chart help you heal karmic paths, direct your focus, and help you see pattens you may be inclined to?
  • How astrology helps illuminate our shadows and speeds up our process of alignment, evolution, and healing
  • What are the Karmic nodes of Rahu and Ketu and how they are helpful?
  • What are Nakshatras in Vedic astrology?
  • How can we use these more specific segments of the sky for predictions and also individuals personalities?
  • Where can we go to find our Vedic chart and get weekly readings?

Stay in touch with Christine


“COMING OUT” with Nick Norcia — Growing Up Gay in the South — Coming Out Story — Overcoming Judgement —TikTok Tips — Spiritual, but Not Religious — Self-Improvement — Personal Development —

Seeking inspiration in others who have overcome caring what people think? Whether you’re queer or simply feeling judged for being the truest you, allow Nick Norcia to share his story and why he creates TikToks that provide cathartic relief and community.

Nick Norcia is a loving 25 year old with a BIG personality. He is a southern boy from Gerogia living his best life Los Angeles and working in entertainment. Over the past year, he has amassed over 230k followers creating funny content with meaningful messages weaved in. I love how Nick uses humor to tackle tough topics that help us all introspect and process the trauma we have all experienced as a collective this past year, and perhaps since we were children. Nick shamelessly hashtags racism and religion, combining divisive topics into comedic skits everyone can laugh at and learn from. One of my favorite videos is Nick performing as a flamboyant, shirtless Satan with a backdrop of fire as he “calls” God on the phone asking why His followers do bad things…Like how can bad people claim to be Christians or Christ-like? How can racist people claim to be good? How can homophobic people think they love God, but hate others?  Nick Norcia exposes the truth with the graceful tool of comedy. His art is so relatable, and for many who have experienced religious trauma or judgement for being gay, cathartic. 

Today’s show covers topics like:

  • Coming out in the LGBTQIA+ community in the south
  • Following your passions and living an unapologetic life
  • What is coping with religious trauma like?
  • Our coming out stories
  • Dealing with unsupportive family and friends
  • Setting boundaries with unsupportive people in our lives
  • How comedic TikToks are cathartic when it comes to religious trauma
  • Using comedy to tackle tough topics like racism, homophobia, hellfire, and politics
  • TikTok Tips

Stay in touch with Nick Norcia


“SPIRITUAL, BUT NOT RELIGIOUS” with Rev. Karla — Ex-Evangelical — Affirming Faith — Deconstruction and Reconstruction of Faith — Interfaith Community — Self-Improvement — Personal Development —

On a journey of religious deconstruction? Maybe you are in the process reconstruction after leaving the evangelical church or another restrictive religion…Reverend Karla is the spiritual (but not religious) mama bear that will help us find our way.

If you are looking for spiritual connection and ways to find God in your every day life, then you will enjoy being a part of Reverend Karla’s ministry and community! She teaches that the Holy experience is available to us all no matter who you are, where you were born, who you love, or what your spiritual beliefs are. There is space at the table for all because she believes God is big enough to share. Rev. Karla’s mission is to connect seekers like ourselves as we explore spirituality outside of organized religion, heal from religious trauma, discover Christianity through a new set of eyes, learn from leaders of different traditions, and create beautiful, compassionate communities. 

Today’s show covers topics like:

  • What it means to be spiritual but not religious, and why it is a sacred and valid path?
  • What does identifying as “interfaith” mean?
  • Do you still maintain Christian roots?
  • What other paths have you explored? (GOD IS BIG ENOUGH TO SHARE )
  • Do you believe all religions point to the same path?
  • How do we interpret the Bible now? (literal, historical, or figurative text written by inspired humans or by God?)
  • Why it’s important to accept others’ life journeys as just as meaningful and sacred as your own
  • How “welcoming” churches, but not “affirming” churches harm the LGBTQIA+ community
  • How evangelical purity culture has harmed its members and how to heal
  • What is religious trauma and how to begin a spiritual journey to heal from it
  • Reimagining the faith community (such as the online platform communities we are creating) and how they can affirm us and connect us to like minds

Stay in touch with Reverend Karla


“Hypnosis, Mindfulness, & Cognitive Behavioral Therapy” with Dr. Carolyn Daitch — Relationships & Anxiety — Managing Panic Attacks & Emotional Flooding — Your Therapy Toolbox — Self-Improvement — Personal Development —

How can Hypnosis, Mindfulness, & Cognitive Behavioral Therapy help you in your everyday life? Allow Dr. Carolyn Daitch to teach us strategies to optimize our minds for peace and flow. Managing emotions is possible, we just have to know HOW.

Carolyn Daitch Ph.D. is the director of the Center for the Treatment of Anxiety Disorders in Farmington Hills, Michigan. As a clinical psychologist, she is a certified and approved consultant and elected Fellow of the American Society of Clinical Hypnosis as well a Fellow of the Michigan Psychological Association. Dr. Daitch is internationally recognized for her practical and easy to implement interventions. 

Dr. Daitch has written four books on anxiety and affect regulation, including the award-winning Affect Regulation Toolbox: Practical and Effective Hypnotic Interventions for the Over-reactive Client, which has received international acclaim and was awarded best hypnosis book by the Society of Clinical and Experimental Hypnosis in 2008. Other books include Anxiety Disorders: The Go-to Guide, Anxious in Love, and The Road to Calm Workbook. Her article on Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Mindfulness and Hypnosis as Treatment Methods for Generalized Anxiety Disorder was awarded best article in 2019 by the Society of Clinical Hypnosis.

Today’s show covers topics like:

  • How hypnotherapy can be used in everyday life?
  • What is Cognitive Behavioral Therapy?
  • How to develop your therapy toolbox?
  • How can we be more mindful everyday and what are the benefits?
  • What are ways we can manage emotional flooding?
  • Learning about her unique treatment model: Integrating hypnosis, mindfulness, and cognitive behavioral therapy to help people navigate the inevitable challenges of life
  • Managing anxiety during the Covid crisis
  • How does anxiety affects relationships?
  • Responding to an anxious partner with gentle, validating emotion rather than reacting with logic
  • Tips for managing anxiety before a first date, important meeting, or job interview

Stay in touch with Dr. Carolyn Daitch


OUR LOVE STORY REVEALED with Robert Croak (my age gap boyfriend) — Relationship Advice — How We Met — Conscious Partnership — Age Gap Relationship — Manifesting Your Soul Mate — Self-Improvement —

Let’s take an honest look at our LOVE STORY with my boyfriend, Robert Croak, creator of  Sillybandz! On this episode, we share our tips for a happy, healthy, conscious partnership…even with 28 years between us!

I am so excited to have my man, who is my personal business coach, world-renowned entrepreneur, and product development consultant on Enlightened! In fact, without him encouraging me, this show would most likely not exist.


Today’s show covers topics like:

  • Our love story timeline
  • How we met online
  • What it was like to meet someone in real life after a month
  • Was Robert worried I was a gold digger?
  • Long distance relationship tips
  • Is 28 years apart too much?
  • Does my bisexuality affect our relationship?
  • How do you know when someone is the one?
  • Does an age gap make the relationship more challenging?
  • Our relationship tips for a happy, healthy, conscious partnership
  • Does working with your partner add challenges to your relationship?


Stay in touch with Robert:


Robert J. Croak is a highly recognized entrepreneur due to the wildly successful Sillybandz brand that he created. Robert’s journey started out with his lower-class upbringing in the Eastside of Toledo, Ohio in a broken home. His childhood was turbulent, as the divorce of his parents created a life of instability through his teenage years; but regardless of heart-wrenching setbacks, he never lost focus of his dreams. Much of Robert’s post-college career was spent in the automotive business where he was a salesman and quickly moved up to finance manager. But after a few years pursuing a nine to five career, Robert realized very early on that the entrepreneurial path was his destiny.

At the young age of 22-years-old Robert made his first full-time jump into owning his own business, the first of many. With a love for music and the unfortunate passing of his grandmother, Robert had the opportunity to purchase the family bar and restaurant “Frankie’s” made famous by his Grandfather, Frankie Andriaccio, and keep the legacy alive. Throughout the years, he continued to open more bars and restaurants, and his passion for the business only grew.

Although Robert had a nice run through the 1990s and into 2000s, he had a longing to expand into his true passion of inventing and branding. Equipped with a great staff, the transition to product development went well. In 2003, the company progressed very swiftly, and with this growth came a world of opportunities. For his personal fitness and wellbeing, Robert enjoyed running races and triathlons, and on one particular day Robert was given a yellow Livestrong bracelet. While already developing other similar products, Robert felt that the Livestrong bracelet concept could be expanded on, and the launch of “Custom Silicone Bracelets .com” brought the immediate realization that he was right. The business evolved very quickly; and over time, Robert expanded the custom product offerings beyond silicone bracelets.

Sillybandz fans always want to know how Robert came up with his multi-million-dollar idea. It all began when he visited a product show in China where he was given a very-poorly-shaped animal rubber band by a Japanese designer. Robert looked at the oddly shaped silicone in his hand and tried to see how the vague outline was actually intended to look like a dog. The Japanese seller told Robert that his rubber bands were to be sold as an office supply product. Although Robert felt that it would never sell as a novelty rubber band for adults, this very moment was the match that lit the fire of an incredible idea.

With wild entrepreneur instinct, Robert took the product back to his office in Toledo, Ohio and pitched the idea of making them into children’s bracelets, adding artistic detail, and calling them Sillybandz. The staff didn’t believe in it and didn’t think customers would invest in “silly silicone bracelets,” but Robert forged ahead with the design and manufacturing.

Many people assume Sillybandz was an instant hit, but that is far from the truth. Robert recalls, “It was a very slow build. With some key stores like Learning Express onboard, it slowly grew to a tipping point. But to this day, my mantra is ‘Always go with your gut,’ and I am so glad I did!” Not long after fortunate celebrity interactions, like Sarah Jessica Parker and Shakira wearing the bracelets, the Sillybandz brand grew momentum. Little did Robert know, his little idea was about to be the biggest bracelet trend the world had ever seen.

What happened over the next two and a half years was simply unheard of. Robert’s little Toledo, Ohio company was catapulted into the limelight and went from twelve employees to over 300 in a matter of months. During this time of trying to efficiently scale the craze and capture the lighting in a bottle, Robert was working 18 hours a day, seven days a week. Sillybandz partnered with the Kardashians, Justin Beiber, Hello Kitty, Barbie, Spongebob Squarepants, and Angry Birds for exclusively licensed bracelets. Licensing and consistently creating new packs to ship around the world was not easy, but with much determination, little sleep, and a great team, Robert kept up this pace producing a trend that outlasted most huge fads — over three years.

Thanks to the whirlwind Sillybandz fame, Robert has since been featured on “How I Made My Millions,” Bloomberg, CNN, MTV’s Made, Bravo’s Housewives of Beverly Hills, GSN-High Stakes Poker, as well as countless other TV shows and news features. After 2012, the blaze of the Sillybandz trend cooled off and Robert has continued inventing, investing, and launching many new products and brands. With his accomplished reputation as a master brand-builder and infrastructure for product development, Robert has developed many new products, and has also diversified into real estate, technology, and fast casual pizza enterprises.

For eight years, Robert had fun creating without thinking much about the bracelets that made his name. However, in 2019 with the rise of TikTok and Instagram influencers who are now the young adults who wore Sillybandz in their childhoods, Sillybandz is making a comeback. With over 1.6 Million Facebook fans, thousands of Google searches, millions of social media users hashtagging the nostalgic accessories, and media channels like Buzzfeed showcasing the bracelets, the Sillybandz craze is becoming a worldwide trend once again, bringing back so many precious memories for the 2000s generation that the bracelets are now worn by both children and adults. Through the years, Robert’s passions have remained the same: to continue creating meaningful products that provide him the financial ability to help make the world a better place.

Now more than ever, Robert recognized that humans need a product that will make the world a safer place. As a germaphobe himself experiencing the rising concerns of the COVID-19 virus, Robert felt it was vital to create a convenient way for everyone to have sanitizer available at all times. After brainstorming, many sketches, and homemade prototypes, he came up with the Sanitizer Bracelet™ the world knows, loves, and doesn’t leave the house with today! The Sanitizer Bracelet™ provides a sense of safety for those wearing it by giving you the comfort of knowing you will always have sanitizer literally “on hand,” with you wherever you go. Thankfully, Robert’s first-of-its-kind bracelet design is modern, minimal, and stylish. Now available on for retail, licensing, and custom orders, the Sanitizer Bracelet™ is the must-have product in 2020 and beyond as we embrace the new normal of protecting ourselves and others from spreading germs.

After creating highly acclaimed products, many would think that Robert is ready to slow down and perhaps retire, but that’s not the case. When asked about what the future holds, Robert says, “Creative entrepreneur-types like me rarely retire. The fun in creating products is seeing everyday problems that society deals with and finding solutions that are helpful. I’ll never stop. I can’t.” Although he never plans on retiring, and instead continually creating and consulting other budding entrepreneurs and brands, he is excited to settle down with his long-time girlfriend (ME), head of his branding and social media department, and start a family. When asked about what he believes defines success in life, Robert smiles, “Loving what you do and doing it with people you truly care about is my greatest joy. That’s what makes my life meaningful.”

It’s time to set yourself FREE, Lovely One! 

The love of God inside of me honors the love in you. Namaste, My Friends.

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CRYSTAL HEALING & SEXY ENERGY with The Metaphysical Maven, Magdalena McClellan — Improve Your Sex Life with Crystals — Attract Love with Crystals — How Do Crystals Work? — Healing, Manifesting, and Clearing with Crystals — Trusting Your Intuition — Self-Improvement —

Can crystals actually enhance your life…Even your sex life? Allow Magdalena McClellan, the METAPHYSICAL MAVEN, to help us to understand the magical and practical uses of crystals!

Magdalena McClellan has always had an affinity for stones and crystals. For years, she  studied them extensively and took notes of her own experiences through trial and error. There came a point in her life where she could not deny the power of these gorgeous stones and what they were doing. Crystals helped her work through the inevitable ups and downs of life, from little every day stressors to more major, unexpected crises. Naturally, Magdalena is drawn to helping others, so she was compelled to make gemstone jewelry for friends and family because the magic was just too good to keep to all to herself. Eventually, she started gridding people’s homes with larger stones — both of which resulted in rave reviews and some pretty incredible healing results. This all paved the way for the birth of “My Metaphysical Maven,” her online space for intuitive readings, crystal prescriptions, courses, gorgeous jewelry, and retreats that have all been carefully designed to provide clients with clarity and understanding on the deepest soul level.

Today’s show covers topics like:

  • woo woo vs. reality…Do crystals really have power?
  • how to trust your intuition?
  • how do crystals actually metaphysically work?
  • how to work with crystals for beginners? 
  • how can crystals help clear chakras?
  • what crystal aligns with each chakra?
  • how can crystals inspire a better sex life? 
  • what crystals aid in creating a clean slate and clearing energy?
  • what crystal is best for healing heartbreak?
  • what crystal helps manifest love?

Stay in touch with: Magdalena McClellan


“I was a man in a PAST LIFE” — My Past Lives Experience with The Past Life Regressionist, Daniel — Reincarnation — Forgiving & Healing Through Time Travel — Channeling Aliens — Self-Improvement —

Feeling triggered by specific situations or people? Maybe you had a bad experience in a past life that needs healing so you can be your best self today! As someone born and raised Christian, I was skeptical until Daniel guided me through time. And although I am on a “spiritual, but not religious” path, the concept of past lives was a challenging one for me to comprehend until I witnessed the magic for myself. During this show, I get vulnerable and share four lifetimes that I vividly saw during my past life regression session and Daniel shares about his mission in this lifetime.

Daniel is a past life regressionist who wants to help you discover who, when, and where you’ve been across time. He feels this is how he can do his part to make the world a better place — by helping free individuals from the karmic baggage they’ve been carrying around for multiple lives. He believes that once you’re free, you approach every decision from a different vantage point, which creates a butterfly effect that ripples around the world, and beyond space and time as we know it.

Today’s show covers topics like:

  • My internal struggle to feel safe being curious about past lives because of religious trauma
  • Why unexplained triggers and feelings could be associated with past life trauma, unforgiveness, or simply something that was never resolved
  • What is past life regression and is it associated with religion?
  • What is the process like? Should you be nervous?
  • How long does a past life regression session last?
  • What questions could a past life regression answer?
  • My personal journey through time and four past lifetimes
  • What it was like to see myself as a man in a past life
  • Have Robert and I been together in a past life?
  • Daniel’s experience watching clients channel aliens during sessions

Stay in touch with The Past Life Regressionist:


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