Weekly 30min Session (Monthly Subscription)

$428.00 / month

Devote yourself to personal evolution with four 30min coaching calls a month.

If you’re feeling confused and need someone to talk to in order to process your emotions and desires, you’re in the right place.

This is your time — It can be used for a card reading and guidance, breakup breakthrough tools, creating closure practices, or social media consulting. As always, I will be here to provide a safe place to reveal your feelings and offer practical advice and intuitive wisdom.

My coaching container is for you IF:

  • You desire a safe place to reveal your heart, and have someone hold your hand through fire (Yes, just like me, you will get to the other side, and I will be here cheering you on every step of the way).
  • You can’t afford to stay stuck, emotionally, spiritually or financially. You know it’s time to level up and not look back.
  • You are willing to let go of the pain stories that aren’t serving you, and sovereignly choose to take on the challenge to write a new chapter.
  • You are ready to expand into the radical, radiant fullness of who you are, without apology, without shame.
  • You are turned on by the idea of seducing the energy around you to bend to your will and for the greater good.
  • You crave a mentor that will help pull your creativity out of you and hold you accountable to feel more, question your intuition less, take messy action, and trust your own Divine knowing.



If you simply can’t afford to waste more of your energy, heart, and headspace on an issue, I can support you in reaching relief and discovering clarity.

Is this relationship/business/lifestyle/situation worth continuing to invest your heart and energy into?

Is a new relationship/business/lifestyle/situation worthy of open-hearted exploration?

Is a longterm relationship/business/lifestyle/situation worthy of continued devotion? 

If you had clarity about it, how would you feel…in your body, in your mind, in your heart, in your tummy? You deserve to feel relief and peace.

During our scheduled time together, we will unearth clarity and wisdom from the depths of your inner being.

What would happen if you got clear on your desires in relationship and dropped everything that could get in your way…dropped your emotional walls, energetic resistance, and your mask of perfectionism (because it’s okay that everything isn’t okay right now)?! Okay, you can keep the sexy leather kitty mask, but everything else has GOT TO GO…

Let me tell you what would happen! You’d be so fucking turned on by your own life, dancing with passion for what you do, who you love, and basking in the ease that comes with the world responding to your magnetic energy. So if you’re ready to take radical responsibility for your own life and stop pretending to be who your world wants you to be, I can help you slip into the sexy magical thing that you really ARE…

In order to communicate via video chat, please download the free ZOOM app, and meet me at our scheduled meeting time using the link provided via email after scheduling.

I look forward to speaking with you one-on-one and offering guidance and wisdom. You may cancel your subscription at anytime. By completing your payment, you agree to terms and conditions.