SEXUAL POLARITY & PLEASURE WITH MADELYN MOON — COVID 19 Lifestyle — Quarantined Feminine Embodiment — Cultivating Masculine and Feminine Polarity — Relationship Dynamics for Steamy Sex — Sub/Dom Energy — Embodying Grief — What is Feminine Embodiment? — What is a Masculine Container? — Sacred Helplessness — Sexual Cravings — Age Gap Relationships — Self-Improvement —

Hello my enlightened friends! This raw and real show will encourage your heart and leave you feeling in touch with your soul because shame and pain subside when shadowed taboo stories are shared and truth is revealed. I think it all helps us feel less alone, am I right? We all need to remember to never be ashamed of our most hidden truths…because they are a powerful part of us.

My radiant guest, Madelyn Moon, is literally my favorite podcast host on the planet! I was fan-girling a tad bit because “The Mind Body Musings Podcast” is my all-time favorite personal development show. Beyond her own podcast, Madelyn is a powerful embodiment coach and you will be sure to “drop in” and relax as soon as you listen to her speak.

Madelyn Moon is the queen of polarity work (aka the art of embodying masculine and feminine energy)! I know you are going to love this casual, raw chat all about…

  • Quarantining in Brooklyn, New York
  • Feminine embodiment, surrender, and energetic flow
  • Alpha and omega energy
  • Handling this new and forced COVID 19 lifestyle
  • Cultivating masculine and feminine polarity
  • What relationship dynamics result in the steamiest sex
  • How can we embody grief
  • What is a masculine container and how can we create it
  • Cultivating “sacred helplessness”
  • Age gap relationships and older man energy

It’s time to set yourself FREE, Lovely One! 

The love of God inside of me honors the love in you. Namaste, My Friends.

Connect with Madelyn Moon:

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