Self Love Self Talk Pep Talk — Guided Affirmations with Harp Music

I know sometimes you can use quick-pick-me-ups

guided affirmations, rather than just meditations…

something quick, casual, practical, and powerful

that you can listen to in the car or while you apply your makeup…

so I created this quick self-love self-talk pep talk just for you.

Feel free to download and save this recording

so that anytime you feel even slightly out of alignment

maybe feeling a little less than confident

or excited about being you…

you can snap out of it

by spending a little moment with me

but really your inner voice and highest, most authentic self

to pause and remember how incredible you actually are

doing this for the first time,

you may question your sanity

truly experiencing self-love is kinda radical so

this will probably feel unnatural to you,

and that’s exactly why you need to do this

and you need to listen to this and repeat this

again and again until it is real for you.

until you believe yourself

Depending on where you are,

repeat these affirming thoughts verbally,

unless you’re in a public place where people

may question your sanity.

If you can take a moment to step away from your daily activities

and really focus on these affirmations, they will be most effective.

Repeat them in front of a mirror

as you gaze into your beautiful eyes (if possible),

or quietly repeat these affirmations in your heart.



I am fearfully and wonderfully made

I am a masterpiece

I am beautiful

just the way I am

Just the way I am

I am enough

I am beautiful inside

I radiate light

I am beautiful on the outside

I radiate love

I smile at the world

and the world smiles back at me

good things happen for me

God loves me

everyone loves me

and I love me

I love me

I love me

I love me

I really, really love me

I smile at myself

I take life as it comes

Good things happen for me

Good things always happen to me

I am smart

I am priceless

I take care of myself

because I take time for myself

I am creative

I am loved

I love me

I love me

I love me

I really, really love me

I am in alignment with my God-given calling

I live confidently

I take action in pursuing my dreams

I accomplish what I set out to achieve

I always do my best

What I get done is enough

Who I am is enough

I am in alignment

I am my best me

I love me

I love me

I love me

I really, really love me

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