SEXUAL IS BEAUTIFUL with Holly Sonders — Making Millions Off the Male Gaze — My Girl Crush Story — Plastic Surgery Controversy — Building a Business Beyond ONLY FANS — Female Entrepreneur — Self-Improvement — Exploring Sexuality — Age Gap Fetish — Personal Development —

Wanna tap into your inner “bad girl”?  Let’s vibe (keep your head in the gutter) with Holly Sonders, one of the most popular online models who is making MILLIONS capitalizing on the male gaze. Today’s episode is totally raw girl talk all about our sex lives, attraction, modern feminism, and her journey from being a small town girl to literally running her wildly successful very OWN “Only Fans.” 

Holly Sonders is a brilliant business woman, broadcaster, and model in her early thirties. After a decade in the sports broadcasting industry, working with big networks like Fox, NBC, and the Golf Channel, she decided to do what she loves and truly be who she is — not what a network decides FOR her to be. 

Holly believes “Girls can be smart AND hot,” and she proves this with her brilliant marketing and business strategy that essentially cuts out the middle man in the sexy modeling industry (aka cutting out the middle man like Only Fans, and keeping more profit for herself). She is now her own boss, has numerous employees, and makes millions selling her R rated art.

Being sexual is beautiful, and I think this authentic, scandalous conversation will help you release a layer of shame. It’s a safe place here to be your most sexual, authentic self!

Today’s show covers topics like:

  • Going from a wholesome small town girl to what haters people would call a “porn star”
  • Making MILLIONS by capitalizing on the male gaze
  • Polyamory/open relationships
  • My most recent GIRL CRUSH story
  • Behind the scenes in the scandalous modeling industry
  • Building a business beyond “Only Fans”
  • Handling criticism 
  • Controversy of plastic surgery 
  • Analyzing our attraction for men and women
  • Loving partners who are broken from past relationships 
  • The honest fear of aging as women
  • and of course, sex toys and fetish talk 

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It’s time to set yourself FREE, Lovely One! 

The love of God inside of me honors the love in you. Namaste, My Friends.

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