SHOULD WE BREAK UP? RELATIONSHIP ANXIETY & EMBODIMENT PRACTICE with “Healing Embodied,” Chelsea Horton — Fundamentalist Christian turned Pole Dancer — Is He The One? — Dating Tips — Pole Dancing Therapy — Tuning to the Voice of Intuition — Self-Improvement —

Hello my enlightened friends! This raw and real show will encourage your heart and leave you feeling in touch with your soul because shame and pain subside when shadowed taboo stories are shared and truth is revealed. I think it all helps us feel less alone, am I right? We all need to remember to never be ashamed of our anxiety or trauma, but instead talk it through and dance it out!

My radiant guest, ChelseaHorton, is a former fundamentalist Christian turned pole dancer. She is married to an incredibly loving and goofy agnostic, Matt, who gives her all the cuddles and laughter. They both live in Los Angeles, CA with their sweet dog, Hanalei. When she first met Matt in 2014, she was overwhelmed with anxiety about if he was “the one.” She had so many fears about divorce, making the wrong choice, and disappointing God. She even broke up with him TWICE in the first year of dating. But something kept drawing her back. It wasn’t until she learned to get out of her head and into her body to heal her nervous system that she understood the difference between the voice of fear and intuition. All along, her body knew that he was a wonderful, loving partner. It was the fear-based stories in her mind that caused her to question, doubt, and pull away.

Chelsea graduated from a private Bible college in Florida in 2013 with a degree in counseling, then went on a painful and enlightening journey that led her to pursue her Master’s degree in Dance/Movement Therapy and Counseling at Columbia College Chicago. It was through this program that she began to understand that her mind and her beliefs were her prison, holding her back from love and living authentically. She learned to intimately connect with the wisdom of her own body and finally felt free to choose the life and love she truly wanted. After receiving her degree, she went on to work in a psychiatric hospital, where she helped hundreds of others learn how to get out of their minds and into their bodies. This was the pathway to healing anxiety in herself and so many others that she worked with. Chelsea now has her own embodiment coaching business where she helps women who experience relationship anxiety and OCD to stop doubting their love for their partners so that they can embrace love, commitment, joy, and pleasure!

Today’s show covers topics like:

  • what embodiment actually is
  • feeling freedom within the container of a relationship
  • what are signs of relationship anxiety
  • why anxiety manifests in good relationships
  • why we are afraid to feel happiness
  • how to know if it’s your intuition to leave or just relationship anxiety
  • unhealthy codependency vs. healthy interdependency
  • feeling valid disconnection vs. fear and past beliefs surrounding “the one”
  • feeling a “yes” and “no” in our bodies
  • how we can heal our bodies to feel and not fear love
  • the miraculous nervous system and mind body spirit connection 
  • celebrating the body’s ancient wisdom through pole dancing
  • releasing expectation and fear to find your authentic self
  • dating someone of a different faith or no faith

It’s time to set yourself FREE, Lovely One! 

The love of God inside of me honors the love in you. Namaste, My Friends.

Connect with Chelsea Horton:

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