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Learning to love the skin you’re in isn’t always easy, especially in a society that hates aging and acne. BUT, duality is an illusion. You can take care of yourself, and still be a feminist, sovereign woman. However, it’s so important to understand WHY we feel the need to enhance our skin and bodies, as well as HOW to take care of our skin and begin an affordable, maintainable routine. Before you read any further, you should know that not one recommendation is sponsored or MLM. We aren’t here to sell you a dang thing. We are sharing this conversation because trying to figure it all out on our own can be time consuming, and frustrating (especially when you’re wasting money on expensive products that aren’t working for your own skin). So let’s learn from Skin-spert Cassandra Bankson!

Typically, I talk with guests about mindset, inner peace, self love, spirituality, overcoming religious trauma, relationships…but many of you follow me on Instagram where I am always talking about my skincare and aesthetics regimens. Yall know I am spiritual and a whole-lot bougie when it comes to self care! So far on IG, everyone gets really into the non-sponsored products I share in my stories, which is fun because I found products that are FINALLY working for me, and I am happy to share what I have spent years researching, with trial and error so you don’t have to. I so appreciate that people come to me for advice, but I am not an aesthetician, so I invited my favorite SKIN EXPERT on Enlightened the podcast! I have followed her since I was 22, and I am now 29! In fact many of my everyday products, I learned about from from her.

My radiant guest is Cassandra Bankson! She is a YouTube vlogger, online personality, social media powerhouse, model, writer, spokesperson, and activist with an online audience of over 2 million across all digital platforms. She is best known as a skincare expert who once struggled with severe chronic acne as a teen model–and her honest, authentic, and vulnerable videos depicting her skincare journey have empowered her to use her platform as a positive disruptor in the beauty industry. As a medical aesthetician and industry expert for the past decade, she works alongside dermatologists and and acts as a liaison— breaking down complicated medical jargon to her over 2 million followers online to help explain the products, procedures, and treatments in ways that anyone can understand and apply to their own beauty routines. Today, Cassandra continues her work delivering science-based skincare and acne videos, where she educates and inspires her audience, promoting self love and acceptance.


Today’s show covers topics like:

  • Going from self loathing to self love 
  • Being a model and influencer while managing adult acne
  • Why she posts edited AND raw images
  • The benefits of choosing AFFORDABLE skincare 
  • Learn about your skin type and the products it craves
  • Best advice for each skin type (dry, moderate, oily, and acne-prone skin)
  • Summer skincare vs winter skincare
  • The dangers of aesthetic medical procedures like boob jobs and butt lifts
  • Skincare advice for dry, combination, and oily skin
  • The correlation between mental health and skincare 

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It’s time to set yourself FREE, Lovely One! 

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