“SPIRITUAL, BUT NOT RELIGIOUS” with Rev. Karla — Ex-Evangelical — Affirming Faith — Deconstruction and Reconstruction of Faith — Interfaith Community — Self-Improvement — Personal Development —

On a journey of religious deconstruction? Maybe you are in the process reconstruction after leaving the evangelical church or another restrictive religion…Reverend Karla is the spiritual (but not religious) mama bear that will help us find our way.

If you are looking for spiritual connection and ways to find God in your every day life, then you will enjoy being a part of Reverend Karla’s ministry and community! She teaches that the Holy experience is available to us all no matter who you are, where you were born, who you love, or what your spiritual beliefs are. There is space at the table for all because she believes God is big enough to share. Rev. Karla’s mission is to connect seekers like ourselves as we explore spirituality outside of organized religion, heal from religious trauma, discover Christianity through a new set of eyes, learn from leaders of different traditions, and create beautiful, compassionate communities. 

Today’s show covers topics like:

  • What it means to be spiritual but not religious, and why it is a sacred and valid path?
  • What does identifying as “interfaith” mean?
  • Do you still maintain Christian roots?
  • What other paths have you explored? (GOD IS BIG ENOUGH TO SHARE )
  • Do you believe all religions point to the same path?
  • How do we interpret the Bible now? (literal, historical, or figurative text written by inspired humans or by God?)
  • Why it’s important to accept others’ life journeys as just as meaningful and sacred as your own
  • How “welcoming” churches, but not “affirming” churches harm the LGBTQIA+ community
  • How evangelical purity culture has harmed its members and how to heal
  • What is religious trauma and how to begin a spiritual journey to heal from it
  • Reimagining the faith community (such as the online platform communities we are creating) and how they can affirm us and connect us to like minds

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It’s time to set yourself FREE, Lovely One! 

The love of God inside of me honors the love in you. Namaste, My Friends.

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