“THE LAW OF ATTRACTION DOESN’T WORK FOR ME” — What To Do While You’re Waiting for Manifestation? — A Solo Show with Sophia Spallino — Manifesting Your Dreams — What To Do When The Law of Attraction Doesn’t Appear to be Working? — How to Pray — Resting in Your Waiting Season — Personal Development —

My radiant enlightened friends, today I am going to share some encouraging words, a little parable about resting in the waiting, being expectant of good, and some tips on manifesting your dream reality! In my Instagram DMs, people always tell me they are manifesting something special, but ask, “What do I do while I wait? Nothing is happening.” You’re right, nothing is happening…YET.


In this solo episode, I reveal how to let go of obsessive attachment and give advice on what to do while you’re waiting on your dreams to manifest. 

It’s Safe to Rest in the Waiting. 

Yes, take action and manifest…but know you can rest.  


  • Get in the right headspace and vibration. You can do this by getting into your body, whether that’s breath work, meditation, dance, going on a walk, or whatever you choose. Remember how blessed you are and just be.
  • Believe you are worthy of all the desires of your heart. If you’re near a mirror, look into your eyes when you take your next steps.

Law of Attraction Steps:

  1. Ask God for what you desire.
  2. Believe you are worthy of your desires; believe they are ALREADY YOURS.
  3. Thank God in advance for all that you desire as if it already is. Say “Thank you,” out loud.
  4. Feel the feelings of joy, peace, and abundance that receiving your desires would make you feel. If you can, lay down with your left hand on your heart, and your right hand on your tummy. Feel light and joy bubble from your toes to your crown.
  5. Live like you are worthy. Believe you are so worthy of receiving. Vibrate like you have received already. Don’t “Ask” anymore, just “Thank” God for what is. All is well. Speak like you have it. Walk in confidence that “It is done.” Live in the high vibration of gratitude.
  6. Receive.

The light in me honors the light in you. Namaste, My Friends!

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