You are Worthy — You have Purpose — A Pep Talk from Sophia Spallino

What if I don’t feel worthy of my purpose? 

We all have to overcome the feeling of unworthiness to walk in our purpose.

Listen to this episode to learn how to speak encouraging words over yourself. This is literally me walking you through a personal self-talk pep-talk that I do often: reminding myself of worthiness. This is what it looks like to preach myself happy and overcome the anxious imposter syndrome thoughts.

This episode is for you if you’re feeling unworthy of pursuing your wildest dreams. Doubtful thoughts stop us from being the greatest versions of ourselves. We all have them at times. It’s a bad habit we have to step up and break. You were created to share YOUR unique light and the love that’s in your heart.

You may not have it “all together” now.

Okay, so you made a mistake yesterday…

Let’s be real. I made a mistake a minute ago.

But in every new moment, we get to choose again. 

We get to choose to make a better choice the next time.

As long as we do our best each time we are faced with a fresh opportunity and aim to grow, we are worthy of sharing our story of growth with others. You never know what “little” triumph in your life could be the inspiration for a “big” change in someone else’s life. When you let your light shine, you spark a little hope in those who look at you.

We are all vessels meant to overflow with divine confidence. Don’t believe any lies that say “You aren’t good enough, holy enough, spiritual enough, anointed enough, valued enough…” We are all worthy of a higher calling, something greater than ourselves. Through this episode, I hope that you learn how to speak affirming words over yourself and rid your mind of imposter syndrome, because…

You are worthy. You are called. You are chosen. You can and will be used to share LOVE and LIGHT.

Share this episode with a soul sister who needs just a little push to believe in her light again! 

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