“You Might Be the WRONG Astrology Sign” Learn about Vedic Astrology with Christine, host of Astrology Now Podcast — Western Astrology vs. Vedic Astrology — Self-Improvement — Exploring Spirituality — Personal Development —

HAVE WE BEEN READING OUR HOROSCOPES WRONG OUR WHOLE LIVES?! Getting into astrology for the first time? Or want to go deeper by comparing your Vedic astrology chart to your Western chart? Allow Christine, host of the podcast Astrology Now, to help us understand what Vedic astrology is and why we just might read our horoscopes differently in the future!

Christine is a certified Vedic astrologer, social worker, Ahimsa enthusiast, and yoga/meditation teacher. She is passionate about sharing Vedic astrology with the world. Most people don’t even know what it is or why they would consider following it rather than traditional western astrology! By utilizing their Vedic map of the stars, Christine supports her audience in getting in alignment with their karmic path — body, mind, and spirit.

Today’s show covers topics like:

  • What is Vedic astrology and how is it different from Western astrology?
  • Is Vedic astrally more accurate than Western astrology?
  • Have we been reading our horoscopes “wrong” our whole lives?
  • Vedic astrology is a lunar based system vs. Western, which is based on the sun
  • How does knowing your chart help you heal karmic paths, direct your focus, and help you see pattens you may be inclined to?
  • How astrology helps illuminate our shadows and speeds up our process of alignment, evolution, and healing
  • What are the Karmic nodes of Rahu and Ketu and how they are helpful?
  • What are Nakshatras in Vedic astrology?
  • How can we use these more specific segments of the sky for predictions and also individuals personalities?
  • Where can we go to find our Vedic chart and get weekly readings?

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