Your Bag is Secured! Restitution is Coming — An Encouraging Word from Sophia and a Guided Manifestation Meditation with Harp Music


God already bought it.
But are your hands free to hold it?
Or are you clinging to bitterness?



What is Restitution?

This is a beautiful word that describes what takes place when a child of God sees her season of restoration. Your day of restitution is coming. God’s promises to you will never fail.  It may take some time. It might look different than we expect. But if your heart is ready to receive and your connection to Source is undiluted with bitterness, your restitution will come. 

But Sophia, that relationship stole from me.

I lost that business opportunity that was supposed to be mine!

If it weren’t for _______________, I would have ___________________.

It makes me sick. I feel you. It’s happened to me too.


I believe people reap what they sow, karma, whatever you choose to call it. I believe that God doesn’t sleep. I believe your tears grieve the heart of God. I believe the Creator cares. I believe God keep promises even when our human perspectives can’t make sense of it at all. 

BUT…You have to be in receptive mode.

Are you clinging to “what should have been” instead of looking ahead?

…even when I feel my love, heart, time, and resources were “stolen”…

…even when the situation doesn’t “deserve” forgiveness…

…even when it doesn’t look like I’m getting what I think I am “owed”…

I choose forgiveness…I choose to let go and let God work. 

Let’s find forgiveness in our souls and check our hearts through meditation, prayer, and manifest restitution together.

Here are our guided meditation affirmations:

I am grateful for now.
I am grateful for breath.
I am grateful for all that has happened that has led me to now. 
I am grateful for now.
I am grateful for breath.
I choose to be present now.
Now is good. 
I am satisfied with this very breath. 
I release all bitterness. 
Now think of whoever you need to forgive now, and with every breath…let go a little more…Reflect love onto every being that has caused you hurt and pain. Breathe in and extend love. Focus on who you need to forgive and breathe out grace.
I forgive all,
even myself.
I forgive myself for not living up to how I imagined I would be. 
I accept me, where I am at. 
I forgive all,
even myself, especially myself.
I love all.
I love myself. 
God loves me. 
Physical loss is an illusion, so I choose not to feel loss, regret, or stolen from.
Choosing to sit in peace, in presence, in the perfection of what is…is my choice, and I choose love. 
All feelings of loss come from my misunderstanding and my physical self — for the realest part of myself, I realize, is my spirit. 
All is well with my soul.
I understand that what is for me, will come to me, is already with me, so I do not worry. 
I am at peace. 
I radiate peace.
I am at peace with myself and with all.
Restitution is mine, even if I cannot see it now. 
My physical perception is limited, but I choose to trust that restitution is mine.
Life unfolds as it should, so I do not worry.
What is meant for me is already mine.
I am joyful to know that of myself, I can do nothing; but with Spirit, I am  guided in all that I do.
I feel the weight come off my shoulders.
I release control to God.
Restitution is here. 
All is well. 
I hope you feel better now. Be strong and of good courage! 


Believe it: “The light is coming to give back everything the darkness stole.” 

We go from glory to glory, Sister, so get your heart prepared for restitution!


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