Your first ASMR Harp Experience — Guided Relaxation for Sleep with Harp Music

You may have listened to ASMR before…But have you listened to ASMHarp?!

You’re about to experience closeness, connection, and total relaxation. 

This particular episode is for those who enjoy ASMR. It’s not for everyone, and that’s okay. Let me share a little bit more about this euphoric phenomenon…

If this type of show isn’t your thing, I can’t wait to speak to you in my next traditional episode (a guided meditation, affirmations with harp music, or a spiritual, encouraging conversation).

However, if ASMR is something you like, or are interested in trying, have an open mind and wear quality headphones for the full effect.

What is ASMR, you ask?

ASMR stands for Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response; it’s a physical reaction that triggers a tingly feeling that is in your head or a sensation that runs down your spine.

I can create this response that relaxes your muscles and helps soothe anxiety by creating and recording comforting sounds (like whispering, brushing, tapping, scratching, plucking harp strings, and hand movements). When you listen to these episodes with headphones, you will feel as if I am providing you with up close and personal attention.

My first memory of experiencing ASMR is feeling “tingles” from bedtime rituals as a toddler. When my mother would play with my hair as she whispered fairytales, she would trigger the euphoric feeling that prepared my young self for total relaxation. I aim to recreate that peaceful feeling of closeness and connection for you with my episodes of ASMR (or as I like to call it, ASMHarp).

This episode features the soothing sounds of my harp, pencils, markers, paper, and erasers. Let me take you back to the peaceful memories of falling asleep in grade school during craft time as your classmates are sketching with pencils, fiercely erasing, filling in the lines of their coloring pages with markers, and tearing up paper to glue on their art homework, all while the teacher is grading your last spelling test. If you long to feel closeness and connection, this episode is for you. ASMR is known to make you feel help you feel less alone, reduce anxiety, and help those who have difficulty falling asleep. Relax, simply listen, rest your head, and get ready to experience total relaxation in your body and peace of mind.

I hope you benefit from ENLIGHTENED, the podcast by me, Sophia Spallino, an audible experience that leaves you feeling at peace, encouraged, and in touch with your soul. Thank you for joining me as we experience CLOSENESS and CONNECTION together. 

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With infinite love and gratitude, I pray that peace be with you. xo Sophia (@SophiaSpallino on Instagram)

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